General Elections are around the corner and ERO 175 is spreading awareness in Lucknow

General Elections are around the corner and ERO 175 is spreading awareness in Lucknow

India is the largest democracy in the world and there’s no denying that hosting a nationwide vote is no small feat. Every new election brings in its wake large number of new voters- the young 18 year olds who join the vast multitude of Indian voters.

To tide over issues related to registration, ID creation and to create greater awareness about voting in prospective as well as existing voters, an organisation called ERO 175 has emerged. It emphasizes the fact that voting is your most coveted democratic right and you must exercise it.

Lucknow Cantonment constituency is one of the most centrally located constituencies. It is situated near the Lucknow Cantt, Sadar Bazaar and Alambagh. Of the 403 constituencies this one is numbered 175. This is perhaps why the organization has chosen it as their place of operation.

In order to spread awareness about the new technologies and methods that are adopted now, ERO 175 makes use of banners and flyers. Currently, the percentage of voters to total citizens is just about 56-60% and the organization aims to increase that number because every vote counts. Since many potential voters are not registered and some don't have voter cards ERO helps them obtain these necessary documents to vote. They even have an app that helps streamline the process.

To help the cause, they have roped in youngsters, females and workers from all walks of life. They utilize the young students and spread awareness via social media, school campaigns and other such activities. As a badge of honour, the volunteers, are also given certificates and awards for spreading awareness about the benefits of voting.

They have also used their capability to reach interior areas in Lucknow and surrounding areas as well. They have organized newspaper campaigns, auto rickshaw rallies and awareness programmes around their operational area.

We feel that what they are doing is nothing short of a great public service and will definitely help not only the masses, but, in the long run, also the nation.