UP govt increases genome sequencing to tackle the rising threat of Delta Plus

UP govt increases genome sequencing to tackle the rising threat of Delta Plus

Genome sequencing of 100 samples has begun at King George Medical University in Lucknow.

In wake of the increasing threat of the Delta Plus variant in the country, the Uttar Pradesh govt has instructed officials to undertake measures for expanding the facility of genome sequencing. As a part of this, the designated centre at King George Medical University is conducting the research and investigation of around 100 samples. Through deep analysis and genome sequencing, the number of patients with the new variant will be inferred.

Testing facilities to be increased in Varanasi & Noida as per KGMU

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It is expected that the results and conclusions from this study will be helpful in understanding the scale of Delta Plus transmission. This would help the authorities in making better and informed decisions in order to be able to curtail its growth. As per the Chief Minister's orders, it has been stated, "Testing facilities should be increased in the medical institutions of Varanasi and Noida on the lines of KGMC and Ram Manohar Lohia Institute, Lucknow." The CM also mentioned that private firms will also be roped in if a similar need is observed.

UP adopts a multidimensional approach to curtail third wave

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Amid anticipations of an impending third wave, the emergence of the new variant has only augmented the fears. Further, the expected effects on children call for amplified alarm and caution. Given the fact that Delta Plus could lead to a possible third wave, the UP administrative authorities have asked for a stringent protocol for its prevention and control. Thereby, a multifaceted approach is being adopted by the government, which includes extensive testing programs at bus stands, railway stations and airports.

Subsequently, the officials have been asked to ensure ample availability of essential resources like BiPAP machine, Paediatric ICU, mobile X-ray machine. Additionally, streamlined efforts will be taken to assure a regular supply of necessary equipment through direct communication with the production companies.

- With inputs from IANS

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