Get ready to 'Sleigh' Christmas in Lucknow at THIS fun event by Kunskapsskolan!

Get ready to 'Sleigh' Christmas in Lucknow at THIS fun event by Kunskapsskolan!

Block the dates for Christmas Karnival by Kunskapsskolan.

Hey there, folks! As December dances in with its twinkling lights and joyous spirit, you definitely would be jingling with the bells already out of anticipation. Along with all the outstandingly otherworldly fun in Lucknow, the good folks of Kunskapsskolan School are making a splash with their yearly extravaganza – the Christmas Karnival.

Set for December 23, this Sweden-based CBSE senior secondary school is gonna glow up like a festive galaxy – think Christmas cheer, vibes in every colour, and a vibe that screams 'tis the season! Brace yourselves for a Santa's bag of rad stuff: epic activities, food stalls that'll make your taste buds tango, and games that'll legit make you go, 'Whaaaaat!'

Tons of fun stuff, activities, food and everything Christmasy

Indeed everything is already pretty dazzling about Christmas, be it the merriment, warmth, love, fervour or vibes, but Kunskapsskolan believes in amping things a little!

Like the previous year, this year too they are bringing a plethora of activities set to brighten up the school premises with adventure sports corners, activity zones, food stalls by premium brands, one-minute games, and more things for you to indulge in and enjoy. For the folks wanting to experience some adventure sports fun, there's gonna be some really cool stuff too!

Musical performances, Christmas choirs and DIY stalls

Those looking for cutesy decorative items for their homes and even for thoughtful gifting won't go empty-handed either; The Christmas Karnival will further have DIY art corners, stalls and more, all set up by the young creative minds and their cool parents.

But wait, there's gonna be music too! Coz the very own Kunskapsskolan school band will be dropping beats, and the stage is gonna be lit with student performances. As a festive bonus, this one is gonna be an open-for-all event, now what more Christmas-y could you ask for?

All in all, consider this your exclusive invitation to revel in the grandeur of this annual X-Mas extravaganza, the Kunskapsskolan's Christmas Karnival. Trust us, this one is gonna be a magical affair – a joyous celebration that promises to wrap you in the warmth of the season's magic!

When: December 23 | 10:30 am onwards

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