Girl Up Lucknow to organise an online session on gender-based violence on November 14

Girl Up Lucknow to organise an online session on gender-based violence on November 14

The 40-minute online session will be held on November 14, 6 PM onwards

Raising a strong voice against gender-based violence in domestic set-ups, Girl Up Lucknow will conduct an online session tomorrow, helping people break free from the taboo of domestic abuse. This awareness meet, called the 'Freedom from Captivity', is a big step forward to uplift the position and dignity of women in society, especially the familial setups. A 40-minute session, this awareness campaign will pull mental health under its purview to execute a conclusive and healthy discussion for all the attendees.

Freedom from captivity to break societal stigmas

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A key-profit organisation, Girl Up Lucknow has been working diligently towards the deinstitutionalisation of the widespread misogyny in society. The association has time and again risen to the opportunity of challenging patriarchal norms and gender-based disparity in the contemporary world.

Taking this idea forward, the group has decided to beat the stigma that wraps any discussion of domestic abuse or gender-based violence and set up a session to get conversations flowing. With its 'Freedom from Captivitiy' meet, Girl Up Lucknow aims to go past the barriers of victim-blaming or sermons that otherwise accompany the said taboo, impaling the chances of a healthy discussion.

To be held on November 14, this particular seminar will address the collateral damage caused due to abuse, from mental health, self-esteem issues and trauma. The discussion will be helmed under the expertise of Dr. Parul Prasad, M.D Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry, 6 PM onwards.

Knock Knock

At its core, Girl Up Lucknow is encouraging women to walk the path of leadership by means of definite training and counselling. The non-profit group is spreading awareness by taking a moral stand against the marginalisation of the female population, day in and out. If you want to be part of this session, register now!

Details about the session:

Date: November 14, 2021

Time: 6 PM onwards - 40-minute meet

Click here to register:

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