Give your Sunday nights a makeover with Lord of The Drinks' all-new Greek nights

Give your Sunday nights a makeover with Lord of The Drinks' all-new Greek nights

Sunday parties to get more exciting at Lord of The Drinks, Summit in Lucknow

Are you looking for a place that truly treats you like a resident of Olympus? Well, normally it would be hard to find such a place in Lucknow but why worry, when you have 'us' by your side! This time, we're here with a quick solution. Level up your Sunday party sessions with Lord of The Drinks at Summit, as they've introduced Greek Nights, just for the partyholic in you!

Club the above with the expansive food and drinks menu at Lord of the Drinks', and you'll be convinced this is where you'd wanna be at to unwind! If you're looking for something to do this coming weekend, head over to Lord of The Drinks' Greek night, and treat yourself to something regal.

Greek Nights at Lord of The Drinks are here!

One of the newest trends that is grabbing party goers by storm is none other than a Greek themed outing. Lord of The Drinks is often at the forefront of such funky events in town and this time too, they've got you covered with the kickass Greek nights! And the upcoming week is just the opportunity for you to witness this great party.

The Greek Night will encapsulate a slice of Greece, where you can indulge in customs of age old Greece. One of the main draws here is plate smashing, an old Greek practice meant to convey one's wealth to the world. Here, it is done more for fun, and for us to be a part of Greek tradition. On Sunday, you can immerse yourself in Greek culture, with some amazing live performances in the backdrop.

Food and Drinks Galore!

At Lord of The Drinks, there are a lot of things which you don't want to miss out on. They offer a vast range of options to choose from not just in terms of the food, but the drinks as well.

True to it's namesake, Lord of The Drinks has some really impressive options for you folks to pick from. One of our usual favourite drinks here includes the 'Purple Rain', which has all the princely looks and tastes like royalty too! If you're in an especially fruity mood, you can try out the 'Litchi Desire', which has a wild punch to it.

Not just that, one of the most adventurous options you can have here is 'My 18th Birthday', which is topped with popcorns. Harry Potter fans can go gaga over 'Butterbeer' straight from Hogsmeade!

They've got an all encompassing menu spanning everything from local melt in the mouth Galawat Kebabs, to South East Asian style, crispy Shiitake Mushrooms. One of the most scrumptious accompaniments for drinks is the Beer Battered Chicken, which comes with a side of tasty potato wedges. They also have a must try Nawabi Chicken Biryani, which goes well with mocktails.

Knock Knock

All in all, Lord of The Drinks has upped their game, and is bringing new nightlife experiences for us to enjoy. The Greek night here is one of the most unique escapade happening in town, and you've got to be there for it! Paired with a multitude of drinks and food options, you're in for a night you won't forget anytime soon!

Where: 2nd Floor, Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand

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