Good vibes only! 7 spots in and around Gomti Nagar that are perfect for your chilling sessions

Good vibes only! 7 spots in and around Gomti Nagar that are perfect for your chilling sessions

Lucknowites, peruse through the list of places, both indoors and outdoors, for a relaxing hang-out session with your gang!

Few are those special spots close to our hearts, where we go to just let out all negative energy, perhaps enjoy a cup of chai/coffee and have deep conversations with our favourite people. Right?

While our Gomti Nagar peeps will probably already be in the know about these spaces to chill at, here are some 7 spots in Lucknow where you can be yourself and let your hair down! Whether you'd like to order some munchies right in your vehicle or go to chill at the eateries, these are places you can always bank upon for a good time!

Ambedkar Memorial Park

A sprawling park with well-lit and splendid architecture, Ambedkar Memorial Park is a go-to chilling spot for Lucknowites. People come to be amidst serenity and nature, get their minds clear with a pleasant walk and be themselves. Besides, the umpteen food stalls here ensure visitors can fulfill their street food cravings.

Location: Vipul Khand 2, Vipul Khand 3, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar

Mansa Momos

Jay Pandey

There is a momo-lover in each of us and we can't deny it! For the sheer admiration for momos and the deliciousness that oozes out, Gomti Nagar's Mansa Butter Momos is one hidden gem everyone must explore. With its buttery taste and goodness of fillings, this spot's momos are famed.

Location: V28F+CQV, Vijayant Khand, Gomti Nagar

System Tea Center

We're sure all Gomti Nagar folks must be acquainted with the System Chai Wala and its heavenly tea sold here. Situated opposite SRS Mall, this tea kiosk is renowned for its creamy and delish chai and for a good reason!

Location: 5/7A, Vipul Khand 5, Vipul Khand 6, Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar


What can be more destressing than a hang-out session around Marine Drive? The Riverfront Park has always been a much-sought after lair for Lucknowites and provides calmness and natural tranquilty to visitors. Besides, the nightlife Chowpatty and the slew of food stalls here enable a delightful street food journey.

Location: VX2C+PGX, Jiamau

Bobby Thapa

Located opposite Study Hall, the dhaba has been a special chilling space for youngsters. The fact that Bobby Thapa's macaroni, spring rolls and more nibbles are scrumptious is just cherry on top. One can be with their gang in the comfort of their vehicles, order food, have great conversations and enjoy!

Location: RXWM+H5F, Vipul Khand 3, Vipul Khand, Gomti Nagar

1090's Chatori Gali

Nothing like a street food hogging sesh than a 1090 Chatori Gali exploration! When in (new) Lucknow, this is the place you HAVE to try for a decadent grub journey. Stalls like Mr Ten, Bombay Shawarma, Shiva Chaap, Chappan Bhog, Snap-Chaat, Sai Tea Corner, and so on in this never-ending lane will take care of all your food yearnings!

Location: 1090 Chauraha, Butler Colony

Capoor & Sons

And finally, a recommendation sitting on our radar for a while, the Capoor & Sons Cafe. This is the place to be at for great ambience and delish culinary delights. With an array of delicacies, aromatic coffees and refreshing shakes, Capoor & Sons is the aesthetic space made for your chilling scenes. Select from their range of dim sums, biryanis, pizzas and pastas to gorge on and thank us later!

So, foodies, when are you heading here for a goood time!?

Location: B-1/55 C, Upper Ground Floor, Near Husaria Chowraha, Vineet Khand, Gomti Nagar

Good vibes only! 7 spots in and around Gomti Nagar that are perfect for your chilling sessions
Capoor & Sons in Gomti Nagar has launched a new menu and you've gotta try it ASAP

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