Government hospitals in Lucknow & other UP districts to offer OPD services for all, Friday onwards

Government hospitals in Lucknow & other UP districts to offer OPD services for all, Friday onwards

The UP government has decided to roll out non-COVID services at all state community & primary health centres from tomorrow.

In a bid to bolster the state health infrastructure beyond COVID facilities, the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to launch OPD services for general patients at all community and primary health centres, Friday onwards. An order issued in this regard, by the Additional Chief Secretary of Health and Family Welfare, highlighted that various patients are suffering due to the poor availability of non-COVID services. He also mentioned that It is important to restore general patient care and in wake of the same, several instructions have been passed on to the districts, to ensure other treatment facilities simultaneously.

Health provisions to get a major boost at state-run CHCs & PHCs

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The state order directed that to start surgical services at all district hospitals with absolute care and caution, in line with the COVID guidelines. "Planned surgeries may be scheduled after an RT PCR/TruNat negative report," the notification further read. Besides this, post-COVID care will also be offered at district centres, under the supervision of the designated physician, physiotherapist and mental health experts.

A fever clinic is also assured at each primary as well as community health care centre and the order further mentioned that patients reporting fever and influenza-like illness must be kept in isolation, away from other patients. These clinics should also include the scope of COVID screening. Along with this, out-patient and in-patient services must also be started at all such medical facilities in the state.

The directive even stated that patients undergoing treatment at the centres must be referred to the level-2 facility, so that treatment is initiated in quick succession of proper sanitisation activity. Along with this, all districts hospitals and care centres have been tasked to ramp up the facilities and expertise to ensure that all services are extended to pregnant women. Procedures such as ante-natal care, childbirth and even C-section must be resumed. Steps must be taken to restart urban health centres, the order said.

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