Grease Monkey: Your next car servicing and care workshop in Lucknow

Grease Monkey: Your next car servicing and care workshop in Lucknow

In the long run, owning a car can be quite an expensive proposition. What with the exorbitant fuel prices, and not to mention the regular service maintenance costs, you end up shelling out a lot more than you had originally planned. However, if you want dealership-like service quality, at a lower cost, and with all the professionalism, then Grease Monkey has got you covered.

These guys offer a whole range of services for your cars, and the best part is that you can expect a dealership-like finish on your car once the mechanics here are done with it. Since they always use genuine parts, they are highly reliable, and also charge you less than authorized servicing centers.

Treat your car to something nice at Grease Monkey

Those who wish to keep their cars in pristine condition even years after purchasing it should really check out the offerings at Grease Monkey. You can easily get genuine parts here for all kinds of hard to find car accessories and utility items at reasonable prices, and reliable quality.

The workshop also deals in painting and denting, which are essential services in a city like Lucknow. Here, you can get your car repainted and fixed, to give it a new look. If you've got scratches and paint fades on your car, the folks here will fix it and blend it in with the rest of the bodywork, which gives a very professional finish.

Incidentally, if you happen to be very busy, these guys can even wash your car- from the inside and the outside. This takes away from the hassle of going around the interior lugging a vacuum cleaner on your own.

What's neat is that they deal in all brands including luxury ones such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and others. Even though they use genuine parts, their annual service packages are very reasonable- they start from as low as Rs. 3000 for small cars to Rs. 25,000 for German brands.

The workshop also deals with car restoration. If you've been unfortunate enough to lose your beloved car to an accident, you can get it restored and in a new-like condition here. All in all, these folks offer a whole lot of services at one single stop. Speaking of restoration, Grease Monkey also deals in complete engine and transmission rebuilding along with AC, and electronics restoration, all under one roof.

Apart from that, they also deal in a wide range of cosmetic customization such as adding DRLs, interior lights, new sound systems and lots more.

Contact- 7408711100, 8318779321

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