Get early morning doorstep delivery of milk, vegetables & much more with Gyan Fresh App!

Get early morning doorstep delivery of milk, vegetables & much more with Gyan Fresh App!

Catering to your regular dairy and breakfast needs, Gyan Fresh is now delivering in Lucknow & Kanpur

Amid the troubled times of the pandemic, CP Milks through its brand Gyan Dairy came to the rescue of the city folks with the launch of its mobile-based application- Gyan Fresh. Driven by the love and patronage of consumers, this move was aimed at providing early morning milk and breakfast deliveries. And now, it has revolutionised the business with over 65 lakh successful deliveries!

Daily home deliveries with over 2 lakh trustworthy customers!

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Since its inception, Gyan Fresh has touched new millstones. While the customer base of the application is growing constantly, it has won the support of more than 2 lakh online trustworthy customers till now. Ranging from over half a dozen varieties of freshly sourced milk to other offerings like Dahi, Lassi, Paneer, Ghee, Khoya, Mathura Peda and products from Mr Brown Bakery, Good Morning Bakery and more, Gyan Fresh satiates all your breakfast needs.

Gyan Dairy ensures completely uncompromised standards deploying a total of 28 stringent tests for milk. Having won the hearts of customers with its quality milk and dairy products, Gyan Dairy delivers more than 3 lakh litres of milk each day.

Free delivery & no minimum order!

Currently serving in Lucknow and Kanpur, Gyan Fresh with early morning delivery, secure online payment and special in-app offers, caters to the daily dairy and breakfast needs of thousands of households, with more than 15,000 deliveries each day. You can select from a wide range of products available on the application and get them delivered right at the early morning hours of the next day!

Besides, there is no bar in terms of the minimum order value and free delivery making this platform a top choice among the consumers. What drives the popularity of this home delivery network, is the service of early morning deliveries!

Knock Knock

While availing of services offered by Gyan Fresh, you can also benefit from an array of special offers, including seven-day free milk for first-time users. To download the app, click here (Play Store) or here (App Store).

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