Find super saver deals on veggies in Lucknow during the 'Sabse Sasta Ravivar' on Gyan Fresh app

Find super saver deals on veggies in Lucknow during the 'Sabse Sasta Ravivar' on Gyan Fresh app

Get upto 50%OFF + ₹250 Cashback on vegetables with the Knocksense Coupon on Gyan Fresh app

If you are on the lookout for an easier way of getting through the task of vegetable shopping, your search ends here! Gyan Fresh, a mobile-based application caters more than just dairy products in Lucknow, including fresh vegetables and trust us, this is convenience redefined. Now you can shop for quality vegetables from the comfort of your home and expect an early morning delivery - every day without any hassle.

Say yes to Shandaar Sunday shopping spree with Gyan Fresh!

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Vegetable and fruits shopping can be quite a task, especially when you have to ensure a checklist that goes through sanitisation, freshness, quality, and even the price range. But hold up, there's a solution for all this and it's the Gyan Fresh app!

Introducing a new line of products at discounted prices, Gyan has flagged off the 'Sabse Sasta Ravivar' and if steal deals had a definition, it would just be this! With a whole range of conventional veggies, green selects, fruits and exciting combos are up for grabs here, you can stock up your daily inventory from the luxury of your homes, and say goodbye to the market chaos forever!

The Sunday shopping bonanza allows you to shop fresh products on the app, where the cost of fruits and vegetables run at discounts. All your kitchen needs, from breakfast to lunch and even dinner are met here at massive discounts, upto 50% OFF on Sundays.

And while quality and quantity are their prowess, the Gyan Fresh folks are winning hearts all over again with their rapid delivery and competent service. When ordering from Gyan Fresh app you can be booking orders as late as 9:30 PM on Sunday and get them delivered the next morning before 8 AM.

If you haven't explored the Gyan Fresh app until now, hurry up and install the app now for there is no bar in terms of the minimum order value. You can also use KNOCKSENSE COUPON to get ₹250 Cashback only if you are a first-time user on Gyan Fresh. To add to it, you can also get ₹250 cashback on a minimum recharge of ₹500 by using the KO250 code. Make note users, this offer is valid till November 30, 2021.

So what we're saying is

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Gyan Fresh is redefining the ease of how you shop daily for the most basic everyday kitchen needs. All you have to do is download the app from Play Store or App Store and add items to your cart!

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