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10 new flyovers to be set up on Lucknow Hardoi road in a bid to resolve traffic woes!

Linking Kakori to Sandila Border, the 30-km long route caters to nearly 2 lakh citizens and regular traffic jams are witnessed here.

In an attempt to assure better connectivity and easier commuter between Lucknow and the towns of Hardoi and Shahjahanpur, 10 new flyovers will be built on the Lucknow Hardoi Road. Linking Kakori to Sandila Border, the 30-km long route caters to nearly 2 lakh individuals and traffic jams are witnessed here regularly. Once the proposed plans are materialised, the daily travellers will be aided with a relaxed mode of commute after the resolution of traffic woes.

A move to dissolve regular traffic jams at the 10 main intersections

Moving ahead with the implementation plan, National Highway Authority of India has prepared a detailed project report and an approximate amount of ₹600 crores will be spent. As per the available information, the upcoming flyovers will be constructed in Rahimabad, Malihabad, Rehmankheda, Kakori, Mahpatmau, Garhi Jindaur, Katoli, Bhatoia, Sahilamau and Mehmood Nagar.

In 2018, the central administration tagged the Lucknow-Hardoi road as a national highway. Thereafter, NHAI converted the two-lane road between Lucknow and Hardoi into a four-lane facility. Despite this intervention, the traffic problems did not resolve and regular jams are still witnessed at the main intersections. Here, it is noteworthy that a humongous count of vehicles pass through this road between Kakori to Sandila border.

1 Km long flyovers to be built at a cost of ₹55-60 crores

Now, the NHAI has come up with this new project to alleviate the traffic situtation on this road. NHAI Project Director, West UP Amit Ranjan Chitranshi informed that railway overbridge will be built in place of the narrow culvert near Kakori and the railway authorities have already given their consent. It is anticipated that a total of ₹600 crores will be spent on this project and the planned infrastructure will be ready by 2024.

Notably, NHAI had proposed the establishment of flyovers at major intersections about four years ago and now, the project is being rolled out. As per the officials, the construction of each flyover stretching over a length of 1 km will cost ₹55-60 crores. Further, the authorities have mentioned that the trees lying on the way will be translocated and the service lanes will also be created.

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