Have you tried THESE 8 infinity stones at The Fancave in Lucknow?

Have you tried THESE 8 infinity stones at The Fancave in Lucknow?

Don't miss out on the sweet surprises at the end of the list!

In the multiverse of madness that is our food cravings, there's only one thing that counts and that is tasteful grubs. If you are looking for some of the tastiest treats in Lucknow, we know a place you should head out to!

Presenting-The Fancave! The city's first comic-theme based cafe is on a mission to satiate your hunger pangs and that too in their own unique style. To save you from the trouble of choosing what to order, we present to you 8 infinity stones from the mighty menu of The Fancave in Lucknow!

Loaded Nachos

Being as passionate as they are, the folks at The Fancave really walk the extra mile to ensure their dishes retain the authentic flavours! Take these nachos for example. Instead of using the packed nacho chips, the team makes them from scratch using Mexican corn, which by the way is grown on their own farm!

Doing full justice to its name, the nachos are REALLY loaded with boiled kidney beans, American corn, cheddar cheese and lots of veggies. Now that you know just how authentic the nachos are gonna taste, add to it their exclusively, in-house dips- guacamole, salsa and sour cream and its drool-worthy, to say the least!

Breakfast Toasty

The Breakfast Toasty is another jewel on that precious gauntlet of The Fancave's arm that one can not afford to miss, when here. An ultimate breakfast dish which is rich, healthy and fresh in equal proportions, these toasties are sliced out of the fresh, in-house baked garlic loaves!

It is basically a portion of three toast slices, topped with their OG guacamole and 2 fried runny eggs. Drizzled with honey and truffle oil, the toasts are then garnished with fresh rocket leaves! Great for your tummy, this one does wonders for your tastebuds as well!

Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl

Yet another infinity stone on The Fancave's menu is the Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl! Bursting with flavour and a dash of spices, this one has grilled chicken marinated in authentic Mexican Chipotle pepper sauce. Served with a portion of garlic and paprika roasted rice, and an assortment of veggies and nachos, it is all just a big warm hug served in a bowl!

The bowl comes in with three dips-guacamole, salsa and sour cream, all of them made from scratch at The Fancave's kitchen. So, if you are craving something comforting and tasteful, this is your deal.

Indi Paneer Kathi Roll

A rather refreshing addition to The Fancave's menu, the Indi-Paneer Kathi Roll has secured a spot in our Top-6 and why not! Right from the in-house baked tortilla wraps to the ambrosial stuffing of paneer and even the onion and bell pepper served on the sides, this roll is crafted tastefully, to take your tastebuds on a ride!

Served with yet another homemade dip- the mint mayo, the Kathi roll comes in two alternative filling options as well. If you want to turn things meaty, try the Crispy Chicken Kathi Roll instead and for the aloo lovers, there's a Spicy Potato Kathi Roll too!

Crunchy Marvel Panini

This one is straight-up for the love of them paninis! While The Fancave's expansive menu has 8 different types of panini, the Crunchy Marvel Panini has gotta be our favourite!

Made with in-house baked bread that is fresh to the T, this one has a filling of thick eggplant slices, crumb-fried and crunched layered with homemade Neapolitan sauce. Served with a side of potato wedges, this 'marvel'lous panini tastes like the best of all our dreams, combined!

And the best part, the best part about this scrumptious dish is that the panini is toasted not grilled, giving it the extraordinary Fancave touch!

Titan Chicken Burger

Brace yourself dear foodies as we present to you the TITAN Chicken Burger! *cue supervillain music* Served with a side of fries, jalapeño, tomatoes and coleslaw, this one, is a burger like no other!

Interestingly, the patty of this burger is not really a patty but a flattened piece of chicken, fried to the perfect golden crisp! And that is not all, even the buns of the burger are freshly baked in their own pantry! Now you know why its crunch is different from any other. With a fillet that huge, this burger surely belongs to Thanos's TITAN, no doubt there!

Chocolate Trouble Waffle

Without fanning the air around the whole is-waffle-a-dessert-or-breakfast debate, we present to you the just most chocolaty waffle ever! Unlike the usual eateries, the culinary team behind The Fancave prepares fresh homemade batter for each serving. This is why every second of the 15-20 minutes that you wait while THIS Dark Knight Rises feels worth it as soon as you take that first bite!

I mean just look at it, milk chocolate ganache and Nutella, topped up with chocolate ice cream, whipped cream and choco chips! To put it simply, this waffly-awesome serving is to die for!

Chandler’s Stolen Cheesecake (Basque)

As our fav superhero once (guess, who?) said, part of the journey is the end and what better way to conclude this food endgame than digging into the delectable desserts? And honestly, what could even best the cheesecake that even Chandler couldn't resist stealing?

An authentic Spanish preparation, this burnt cheesecake has a rich, creamy and custardy interior that is sure to melt your heart away! With a generous amount of Blueberry Compote on the top, this baked sweet treat is as irresistible as it is intoxicating.

Knock Knock 

As you explore the town's mightiest menu, we have only one tip for you! Instead of counting calories, just count the number of superhero collectables and original art prints that you spot at The Fancave and flaunt your geek side!

Heads up: With such delish food at stake, you might just turn into Joey and not share your food, so order accordingly!

Now don't let the excitement of trying new food make you miss out on a super saver deal. As you enjoy eating these heavenly grubs, don't forget to slash your bills by unlocking the FLAT 20% OFF deal on your KnockOFF mobile app! Happy feasting!

Location: Opp. The Woods, Naubasta, Deva Road

Timings: 12 noon - 10 PM

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