Hazratganj Parking: New Year, New Tariffs – monthly pass rates triple, tariffs rise by 20%

Hazratganj Parking: New Year, New Tariffs – monthly pass rates triple, tariffs rise by 20%

As rates and tariffs soar, services and conveniences take a nosedive!

Get ready to pull out more from your pockets, as Ganj parking gets more expensive. Daily users of Hazratganj Parking are in for a shocking surprise as charges for the monthly pass for four-wheelers surge from ₹600 to ₹1,500!

This unexpected turn has left regular patrons reevaluating their parking choices, raising concerns about the impact on convenience and affordability.

What are the new visitor parking rates for 4 hours? 

Previously, opting out of the monthly pass meant paying ₹25 for 4 hours and ₹75 for 12 hours for four-wheelers at the multi-level parking. Now, those rates have been hiked to ₹30 for 4 hours and ₹90 for 12 hours, reflecting a 20% increase. However, the steeper surge is seen in the monthly pass prices, which have shot up by 150%.

Charges for two-wheeler parking, on the other hand, remain the same. For the monthly pass, one has to pay ₹400 while the visitor parking rates are ₹15 for 4 hours, ₹60 for 12 hours, and so on.

Also, while procuring the monthly pass for any category, you must keep in mind that the pass is valid only from the 1st to the 1st of every month. The pass is not for a 30-day duration but for the current month only.

Meaning, you will have to pay the same amount (either ₹400 or ₹1,500) whether you buy the pass on the 1st of a month or the 29th. Also, the pass will expire at the end of every month.

Perils of parking at the multi-level parking

In an attempt to find out how the multilevel parking experience is for the users, we spoke to a few pass holders, and guest visitors, and here's what we found-

- The bigger question amongst the users was the sudden hike in prices ( from 600 to 1500) , which is a lot without any improvement in services.

-It is noteworthy that while the prices have been increased, users are not being given a receipt for the same.

- The washrooms at the parking, are not in a useable condition and are unhygienic.

- At the multilevel parking, the lifts do not work and users only have use the staircase.

- You better carry cash if you want to park at the Hazratganj Multilevel Parking because online payments are not accepted here.

In a nutshell, several new additions at the Ganj multi-level parking are welcome but there's still a lot to be desired. This sudden hike in rates adds to the frustration among the people, who are already bothered by the lack of clear communication and proper paperwork in the form of receipts.

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