Hazratganj's open toilet: When will it close for the public?

Hazratganj's open toilet: When will it close for the public?

Well-painted walls and murals, ruined by acts of irresponsibility!

People peeing in the open has become such a common sight in our city that we have accepted it as an unsightly reality. But when you spot someone urinating next to a beautiful mural in the heart of Lucknow, i.e., Hazratganj, it stands out as an ugly sight, just like in the picture above.

While the problem needs to be checked in many places, we're particularly talking about a prime spot. This 'open-toilet spot' is right in front of the Ganj multi-level parking, which is used daily by several localites and tourists. On the left of this spot the famous Hanuman temple, and on the right is a huge Lal Ji Tandon statue!

Not the only spot stained by public relieving!

Unfortunately, this is not the only spot in Hazratganj which doubles up as an open toilet. Other lanes and walls are bearing the brunt of people unthinkingly relieving themselves in the open. Apart from stealing the charm of Lucknow's biggest shopping hub, it also poses a massive public health and hygiene concern.

Lack of public toilets used to be identified as the reason behind people urinating in the open. But that's definitely not the case with these spots in Hazratganj.

Knock Knock

Whenever such issues come to light, it is always easy to find someone to hold accountable. But a collective effort to solve the problem is probably the best course of action. The same goes for these open toilets in Ganj, as well.

With more vigilance by the authorities, heightened awareness of the availability of toilets among the residents, and a shared disdain for open urination, we might just manage to solve the open urination problem of Hazratganj.

Till then, we might have to simply stand and watch well-painted walls turn dirty and stinky, thanks to lazy acts of irresponsibility.

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