Head to Cafe by Default in Lucknow and enjoy a poetry session with Yahya and Amandeep

Head to Cafe by Default in Lucknow and enjoy a poetry session with Yahya and Amandeep

The internet famous new age poets Yahya Bootwala and Amandeep Singh are going to perform in the city and you cannot afford to miss this!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Poetry is something that gets to us all. The beauty of words stringed together to give elaborate an emotion that often remains unnamed is something that no one can deny. Poetry, often when it is sad and real, leaves us with much more than just a bunch of emotions to deal with, but a whole new spectrum of feelings we know nothing about.

New age poetry has done the same, stringing beauty with simple words, nothing Shakespearean, yet something so simple and real, it makes home in your heart. Yahya Bootwala’s “Shayad woh pyaar nahi” and Amandeep Singh’s “Mujhe tumse pyar nahi” are two pieces that stand apart from a lot of things we’ve heard.

With millions and millions of views, the videos of these two pieces of poetry have touched many souls and made many people sob like little children. And now, the two talented poets are coming to our city to make things a little more rhythmic for us.

The two are on a tour of the country, going from city to city, sharing their stories and making people fall in love with the power of well written word. So if you have seen the video and like us, feel like a performance by the two cannot be missed, head to ‘Cafe by Default’ on 23rd May and enjoy a soulful session of “The unread diaries of Amandeep and Yahya” for a poetry reading session that is unlike any you’ve been to before.

The stunning interior of the cafe will only add to your already amazing experience.

Date: 23rd May

Tickets: ₹499 | Available on

Venue: Cafe by Default, Hazratganj, Lucknow