Head to Chai 'n' Chill in Lucknow for a mouthwatering tour of India!

Head to Chai 'n' Chill in Lucknow for a mouthwatering tour of India!

From Mumbai's Vada Pav to Kashmiri Kahwa, Chai 'n' Chill has it all!

What if we told you there's a place in Lucknow where you can relish Indore's Poha, Mumbai's Vada Pav and Punjab's Paratha while you sip on a cup of refreshing tea made with 100% pure ingredients? Obviously, you'd rush to this new 'chai' adda.

So, assemble all your buddies and head to Chai 'n' Chill, that's quickly rising in the list of must-visit cafes in Lucknow.

Beverages galore: Shahi Kesar chai, Kashmiri Kahwa & more


What makes Chai 'n' Chill a must visit cafe in Lucknow, is the sheer purity of ingredients they use to brew a steaming hot cup of delicious tea for you. The tea leaves used here are sourced directly from mother nature and crafted into unique blends that are as yummy as they are healthy.

To make sure you never get bored, the place also offers impressive variety of with Elaichi chai, Tulsi Adrak chai, Chocolate chai, Gur Patti chai and the famous Kashmiri Kahwa. And if it doesn't feel like a 'chai' kind of day, you can also have a rejuvenating cup of green tea or black coffee.

Delicious offerings from different Indian cities

The food menu at Chai 'n' Chill is as diverse as it is appetizing. From Maggi and Mac n Cheese to Pizza, Parathas, Pav Bhaji and Pasta, you'll quite literally be spoilt for choice here. The place also offers healthy eating options like Rajma chawal and Dal tadka that taste as if they came right out of your own kitchen.

And guess what? You can order these homestyle lunch and dinner meals to dine on healthy delicacies every day! We must warn you, though, the Rajma rice here is so addictive that you're going to keep coming back again, and again, and again, and again!

The Scintillating Summer Menu

As spring makes way for summer, we understand you'd be out for some cool and refreshing beverages. Luckily, Chai 'n' Chill has that covered. Apart from their best-selling Watermelon Mojito (this one's a personal recommendation from us, you've got to try this), there's a plethora of cold drinks on the menu including shikanji, iced tea, lemonade and the ever-reliable cold coffee and kitkat shake.

And a nice beverage tastes a thousand times better along with a cool and comforting ambience which the good people at Chai 'n' Chill are all too pleased to provide. Be it your bae, buddies or fam, this place will surely come as a fresh breath of air.

Knock Knock


So, Lucknowites! Why wait? Head to Chai 'n' Chill to find healthy and delicious food, refreshing beverages and more along with an unmatched serene ambiance. We would say goodbye but we're pretty sure you're going to find us there as well, sipping our teas and having a good time.

So, see you there, folks!

Where: Vijaipur Colony, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

When: 10 AM - 11 PM

Cost: ₹400 for two (approx.)

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