Heading to Naimisharanya from Lucknow? Take a pit stop at Koni Ghat for some lip-smacking chaat

Heading to Naimisharanya from Lucknow? Take a pit stop at Koni Ghat for some lip-smacking chaat

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Whenever you embark on offbeat road trips, unexplored street food is one thing that gets everyone excited. The scenic beauty and the culinary treasure trove on the highway routes make for a beautiful experience even before the destination arrives. Imagine colourful tapris and dhabas, traditional sweet shops, each offering a symphony of flavours, totally distinctive dishes that cannot be found anywhere in the confines of an urban district.

One of the hidden treasures on your journey from Lucknow to the sacred Naimisharanya Dham is the chaat huts in Koni Ghat near Badi Village in Sidhauli. Located approximately 55 kms from Lucknow, this spot is a must-visit for its unique offerings, including pakodis and samosa chaat, making it an essential stop along your route.

What makes the place special?

What sets this tiny spot apart is that there's no fancy dhaba or restaurant – just a bunch of small, unnamed bamboo huts. It's a local hotspot called Konighat Famous Chaat Huts, well-known among folks nearby and the regulars on the route, like truckers and passengers.

Talking about food, this place serves up some finger-licking-good, desi chaat that's unlike anything you'll find in Lucknow or in fact in Sitapur. Picture this- freshly made, piping-hot pakoris available with various stuffings, teamed up with a spicy mix of cooked yellow peas and homemade chutneys. And then they've got samosa chaat too, plus kadak chai that pairs perfectly with their tangy chaat.

How to reach Koni Ghat Chaat Huts?

A couple of years back, there were just one or two huts in Koni Ghat. However now, there's a cluster of them, all offering up the same tempting flavours.

Why Koni Ghat, you ask? Well, it's right by the Sarayan River, so you can have your delicious meal with a riverside charm. Isn't this then the perfect little pit stop for a tasty break en route Naimisharanya Dham?!

To get there, follow the route towards Naimisharanya Dham. When you take a left from Mahmudabad Chauraha on the Lucknow-Sitapur road, you'll hit Badi Village. From there, it's a 2.3 km straight drive until you reach the Sarayan River, where you'll find these charming huts at Konighat (if you find yourself stranded, you can always search for Koni Ghat Famous Chaat Huts on maps).

-Inputs sent by Rishabh Tiwaari

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