Heavy fine to be imposed on citizens caught overspeeding on these seven routes in Lucknow

Heavy fine to be imposed on citizens caught overspeeding on these seven routes in Lucknow

Traffic police to tighten grip on faulty drivers in the city

As an initiative to reduce overspeeding cases in Lucknow and accidents caused due to it, the Commissionerate of Police has set up speedometers on seven routes. Routes on which the highest number of accidents were reported, have been earmarked for this initiative.

Along with speedometers, CCTV cameras have been installed at these seven routes in Lucknow, which will capture the vehicle in its system as soon as they cross the speed of 60 km/h, and a fine will be issued through ITMS immediately.

Installation of the speedometer to prevent accidents

According to the traffic reports, in the past one and a half months, there were over 17,000 fines issued on these seven selected roads. Of these 17,000 cases, around 300 fines were issued for overspeeding daily, and 6,000 were for not wearing helmets and violating traffic lights.

While there are many reasons for accidents on roads, overspeeding is one of the major causes and the current initiative is a step to check the same.

The seven routes identified are-

  • Khurramnagar to Samata Mulak Chauraha

  • 1090 Chauraha to Kalidas Marg

  • Awadh Chauraha to Dubagga

  • Telibagh to Bangla Bazar

  • Bangla Bazar to Cantt

  • Dayal Paradise to Gomtinagar Extension

  • Sector 25 to Munshipulia

Reportedly, small vehicles, like bikes and cars, will have to pay Rs 2,000, and large vehicles like trucks and buses will have to pay Rs 4,000 on passing the speed of 60 km/h on these seven routes.

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