Here are 11 fun things to do in Lucknow, besides eating & partying!

Here are 11 fun things to do in Lucknow, besides eating & partying!

From taking a heritage walk in the city of Nawabs to bowling at the coolest places, read on to know what Lucknow has to offer

Feel like weekends are getting way too monotonous? Even though grabbing a couple of drinks and good food with friends does hit the mark, nothing beats some unconventional fun activities that rejuvenate the soul!

Imagine this — you and your gang locked up in a room, and the only way out is by solving a mystery together! Or, OR, if you're a bit old school, how does driving down to Dewa and listening to Sufi renditions seem? That's the dream, isn't it?!

So, here is a list of 11 absolutely soul-refreshing, fun things to do in Lucknow with your friends to get the detox you need!

Go Rockin' & Rollin' with Bowling!

Let the game begin as you and your gang roll up the sleeves and jump in for some fun. Get that adrenaline rushing and compete with your mates!

The city has many places that'll give you a lit bowling experience. Get the ball rolling and the pins falling! After a good round of bowling, you can also play other cool games set up in the game-zones and take the fun a notch up!

Where to be?

Lulu Mall, Shaheed path, Gomti Nagar

Phoenix Palassio, Shaheed path, Gomti Nagar

Mashup, Summit building, Gomti Nagar

Breathe in tranquility & go for a soulful Heritage walk

Even with the prevalent hustle culture, and every individual in the world living in haste, Lucknow still manages to breathe in a language that its Sham-e-Awadhi culture responds to. The peace experienced in the city is unmatched.

With so many cultural icons and monuments that bare a testimony to it's rich history, you can venture through time and visit these historical sites.

Your heritage walk can include most of the Old Lucknow! Book a pleasant day and visit the various Imambaras (including Bada Imambara, Chhota Imambara, Shah Najaf Imambara, Kala Imambara, and Sibtainabad Imambara), Rumi Darwaza, Bara Dari, Residency, Jama Masjid, Hussainabad Clock Tower, so many Baghs and more.

Something for the Cricket fans — Watch a match at Ekana Stadium

Whether it's Lucknow's Ekana Stadium or Kanpur's Green Park Stadium, international matches have, more often than not, been hosted here. A few IPL matches took place at the iconic Ekana or Atal Bihari Vajpayee international stadium recently this year.

Even if there's no match happening, all cricket lovers should, at least once, pay a visit to this beautiful stadium and feel the pride.

However, if there's a game scheduled, well, we don't need to say more. If you're a cricket fan, we'll see you there!

Location: Shaheed Path, Gomti Nagar extension

Go cycling in the serene mornings

While there are numerous cycling clubs in Lucknow, you can wake up one day, decide to head empty-handed to Janeshwar Mishra Park, rent a cycle there and enjoy riding across the water body.

Cycling with friends might be the old-fashioned way of having fun but it's rejuvenating for the mind and body. AND, it will render you some detox time, away from all electronic gadgets in the calm morning breeze.

As a part of the Lucknow cycle track initiative, there are many cycle routes laid our for the bikers in the city. You can also rent bicycles at places like Janeshwar Mishra Park.

Where to be:

Janesheshwar Mishra Park, Gomti Nagar

Cycle tracks at Kalidas Marg, Bakshi Ka Talab, Airport Road, Telibag, Bangla Bazaar, and so on.

Engross in Sufism at Dewa Sharif

The mausoleum of the 18th century Sufi saint Haji Waris Ali Shah, Dewa Sharif resurrects the inner self with soulful Sufi music by Qawwals on Thursdays, tranquil lighting, a kilometer-long path , and a safe space for devotion.

It is also a secular space, a diverse arena where Muslims and Hindus together celebrate Holi and exist peacefully amongst each other!

It is a drive of some 34 kilometers from Lucknow to the Sufi dargah, and we assure you're not going to regret one bit travelling to Dewa. Visit for an evening of blissful Sufi music and serenity.

Location: Barabanki

Solve a mystery at the escape room

Do you like the sound of this — you and your team are locked in a room that is full of clues and have to, sort of, play treasure hunt? Here, treasure is the clues that you have to hunt for and solve them until you're able to decipher the code and get out!

If you're as enticed by the idea as much as we are, escape or mystery rooms is the answer you've been looking for throughout! If you and your friends are a bunch of curious kids/adults, this is the place to be at!

Location: The Lockdown Escape Room, Sinha Complex, M-14B, Gole Market, Mahanagar

Stroll alongside Gomti at Riverfront

We cannot downplay the value of this very simple activity... walking in the evening or, perhaps, early morning alongside river Gomti with your friends.

The breathtaking beauty of the riverfront is something to live in itself. The peace that it gives is something mandatory to experience. But strolling alongside it, bare feet, on the grass with people you love and talking about random stuff... Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

Location: Riverfront, Gomti Nagar

Ditch those emo roller coasters & splash around water at an actual Amusement park!

If you're missing on some childhood fun that you used to have at various amusement parks on humongous rides and in the pools, we want to tell you... there's no defined age to have fun! Besides, what better way to bring out your inner child than a fun ride, and break free from the 9-5 life!

There are so many amusements parks in and around Lucknow, and you can choose any to splash around water in the pools. So, ping on those dead WhatsApp groups, and convince your gang to hit the parks with you. Because, it'll be worth it!

Location: DreamWorld, Lucknow-Kanpur road, opposite NABARD

Blue World Theme Park, Kanpur

Disney Water Wonder Park, SGPGI Raebareli road, Lucknow

Good old Anandi Water Park, Faizabad road, Lucknow

Have fun the old-school style — Hit the theatres & watch a movie 

If you want to add s'more entertainment and fun in this endeavour, hit the old theatres and experience the 90's vibes while watching a film.

Will you enjoy the cling-cling sound of cold drinks in a crate being served directly on your seats? Or hot samosas and patties freshly delivered? Or buying tickets at a very cheap price? If yes, this plan will leave you pleased! Explore the long-standing cinema halls like Pratibha, Shubham and Umrao.

Hit the roads for those calming long drives!

There's nothing that a long drive and good music can't fix! Are we right, or are we right? And this is probably the best mode of therapy even if you want to go for a solo ride. With cool breeze hitting your faces and greenery all around you, long drives hit the right spots!

Whether you want to have a destination in mind, or not, it's totally your call how you want your ride to be (pun intended). But if you are looking for a specific destination, how about Bakshi ka Talab, Marine drive, Kanpur road, Sitapur road or the Kisan path?

Choose any of these places and plan a long drive today!

Watch a live play at drama theatres

Staging of 'Troy' at Sangeet Natya Academy, Lucknow
Staging of 'Troy' at Sangeet Natya Academy, Lucknow

The City of Nawabs has never disappointed us, as it has so much to offer in the form of its beautiful traditions and heritage. Another activity that is still holding its head up in the city of art and culture is drama!

Whether its the Bharatendu Academy of Dramatic Arts/Bharatendu Natya Akademi, Sangeet Natya Academy or Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium and more, there is no dearth of places to be at, if you wanna witness a great show.

Be it plays, improvs or musicals - the performing arts in Lucknow has not lost its essence! Experience the world of theatre or enjoy a fun session of story telling at these places whenever you get a chance!

If you're still reading this, you know you neeed to go for a few of these activities! So many fun things to do that you don't know where to get started? Well, vote for it!

And see where the winds of Lucknow take you! Au Revoir!

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