30 things we can't wait to do in Lucknow once Covid-19 subsides

As much as we stay home now, the sooner we can step out!

This pandemic, continuous lockdowns and restrictions have paused our regular lives and it's been too long since we indulged in our favourite things in the city. Be it going out with family for a dinner buffet or chilling at 'our spots' with friends over a few drinks, we're truly missing the pre-corona period now. Although times are tough, we've gotta be tougher so we're here to remind you of 30 things which are awaiting us in the city, once this pandemic is gone for good!

Our favourite Ganjing

For us, 'Ganjing' is a mix of retail therapy and indulgence in good food along the streets of Hazratganj, while we roam around here with our friends! Been too long since we went street-shopping and we can't wait to be here once this is all over.

The first bite of Tunday Kababs

It's been sooo looong since we ate to our heart's content at this kebab joint and once this is over, Tunday might just run out of kebabs and paratha because we're gonna be here stuffing our mouths for as long as we can! *hold on dear heart*

Watch Movies in Theatres


Honestly, we're now tired of watching movies on our TVs and laptop screens. We really want to go out to the theatres, relish a full-on movie experience with surround sound and this time, we're gonna buy a tub of overpriced popcorn with a cold drink! Promise, no kanjoosi.

The first sip of Sharma ki Chai

Chai has always been our constant and starting from our own kitchens to the nearby nook on the street, you'll find tea everywhere in the city. But Sharma ki Chai is something alag- a truly Lucknowite will agree with us! We're just counting our days to step out to savour the first sip of their chai along with samose.

Idrees ki Biryani

We've been waiting to indulge in a plate full of steaming hot BAE-ryani here from Idrees and we can't wait to happily burp away to glory, after finishing the last grain of rice left on it. On a side note- Biryani lovers, have y'all watched the Biryani Anthem on YouTube yet?

Prakash ki Kulfi

This was the first of its kind summer in Lucknow, when we didn't crowd at Prakash ki Kulfi to hog on their creamy kulfis and faloodas! But we don't really need summer as an excuse to indulge in the delicious kulfis here so as soon as the pandemic is over, no matter when, you'll find us here as well.

SBI ka Paan

A hearty dinner and then a late night drive towards SBI ka Paan shop. That's where we've created some of our late night memories with friends and bae and we can't wait to be here again!

An evening at Mocha Cafe

An evening at Mocha with our friends and LIITs is all we need to get rid of the FOMO surrounding us right now! We're waiting to use our Zomato Gold subscriptions here so let's just hope that we get to chill at Mocha very soon.

Party at Boombox


Letting our hair down with friends here at Boombox while the panoramic view of Lucknow from the 11th floor keeps our eyes company, is what we're looking forward to!

Bhuna Gosht at Dastarkhwan

The sheer thought of lapping up spicy bhuna gosht with flaky parathas and juicy onions with a dash of nimbu, makes our mouth water and if it is from Dastarkhwan, of course our hearts all for it! SIMPLY. CANNOT. WAIT.

Paani ke batashe with friends

Call 'em paani batashe, golgappe or even phuchkas, the spirit is the same! Paani ke batashe is hands down one of the best street foods ever and when enjoyed with friends, the feeling is unparalleled.

Strolls at Riverfront

One of the prettiest places in Lucknow, Gomti Nagar Riverfront is our hub for everything- meet ups with pals, alone time and even for a photoshoot! Strolling around here, especially during sunsets is one of our favourite hobbies and we're hopeful that it'll be possible soon enough.

Much-awaited visit to the Salon

All of us have been grooming ourselves at home but most of us, lack the proper skills. That's how we've ended up with uneven bangs and let's not even talk about the rest. Although salons have opened up, we're still in fear of the worst, which is keeping us from availing the services. We just hope to resume our self-care like we used to before!

Outdoor sports & Cycling

Outdoor sports have taken a hit because of the social distancing thing and even cycling isn't the same anymore! So as soon as we're done with this crisis, you'll spot us getting down and dirty on the fields.

Regular Gymming sessions

Gyms have shut down because of the obvious reasons but hey, we haven't posted a gym selfie in so long that it is almost killing us from the insides. Also, staying at home has taken a severe toll on our tummies with our flab getting chubbier by the day. We'll probably do a few extra squats when the gyms open up just to compensate for the past times but for now, home-exercise sessions is the key.

No more Work from Home

Yes, we've frequently cribbed about going to office, meeting clients, not getting enough rest and so on. But now, we're so done with working from home! We miss our colleagues no matter how annoying they are, our potted plants, the strong WiFi connectivity, our chai sessions and of course, the lunch breaks. But if we follow the rules now, soon it'll be a possibility again.

Hanging out at The Drowning Street with our favourite drinks

We miss going to the Drowning Street to chug on our signature drinks with our booze buddies and as soon as the pandemic ends, we're going to be partying here till the sun comes out or one of us passes out on the couch!

Grabbing a roll at Rollarappa

Rollarappa has often taken care of our tummies during a quick snacking sesh and we've been missing their succulent rolls packed to the brim. Their rolls have played an important role in our lives when it comes birthdays or any other celebration and you're darn right- we will be hopping here at the first go!

Mandatory selfie at Cappuccino Blast

Lovingly known as Cappi, this is one of the most beautiful cafes in town. Evidently, the interiors and exteriors of this place have served as our photoshoot spot more than often and the first selfie here after the lockdown is over, will be treat to our eyes for sure.

Shopping at Phoenix Palassio

Lucknow's newest mall, Phoenix Palassio is bringing along Starbucks and other prominent retail brands to the city! Of course we're thoroughly excited to be here, even if it's for window shopping. So all of you please stay home now, if you want to step out to the mall soon.

Packing our bags for School & College

We love vacations but now we're hoping for this vacay to end soon so that we can pack our bags and set off for school/college at the earliest. We're tired of studying digitally, whatever little we are and of course, we miss seeing our friends everyday- even the faculty.

Indulging in a buffet at Pirates or The Terrace

Every true-blue foodie is a fan of buffet and if you're in Lucknow, you must be aware that the The Pirates of the Grill and The Terrace are amidst the best buffet places here in the city. The mere thought of gobbling the delicacies here after the lockdown is over, is simply keeping us motivated.

Boarding the Metro

Lucknow metro is a delight to travel in because of its simplicity. The view of the city from the metro is sensational and we cannot wait to board the metro once again!

Weekend Getaways to Nawabganj or Nainital

Trips seem like a thing of the past but we need one now, more than ever! We miss our occasional weekend getaways to Nainital, Nawabganj and other nearby places to catch a break from the regular humdrum of the city. Let's hope that all of this ends soon so that we can set off with our backpacks once again.

Enjoying the Monsoons outside

Corona has taught us that we had taken the little joys of life, for granted- like enjoying a cup of chai with buddies at our favourite tea stall. Monsoons don't feel the same now because of the restrictions on our movements but we're positive that soon we'll be getting drenched in the rain out on the streets and this time, we won't be complaining.

Watching live sports at our favourite bars & lounges

Watching sports is always fun but cheering along with friends over a couple of drinks at our preferred sports bar, is double the pleasure. Fingers crossed, we'll be doing that soon and in full-throttle!

Shopping at Croma

Cromā is an Indian retail chain for consumer electronics and durables and it is coming to Lucknow in the near future! They're an electronics megastore where you'll find everything you need in terms of gadgets or appliances, right under one roof. We're looking forward to this one.

Watching an IPL Match at Ekana

Hopefully, we'll be able to catch a IPL match at the Ekana Stadium this year when things settle!

Waterpark visits on weekends

Summer vacations have always been incomplete without our visit to the water parks around. So we are earnestly waiting to book our tickets for our next water park adventure, as soon as the virus disappears.

Celebrate occasions & festivals like before

Festivals and celebrations surely don't feel the same anymore, with so many restrictions at place. But if things go well and in a systematic manner, we'll be celebrating the end of this deadly virus soon with a bang and how!

Knock Knock

Hopefully, this will all be over soon so that we can go back to the normalcy of our routines like it was, before this pandemic took over. We're keeping our fingers crossed. So to enjoy all of these pleasures and perks of being in Lucknow, we all need to follow the rules as directed by the authorities because as much as we stay home now, the sooner we can step out!

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