Here are 5 things that you must know about Lucknow's first-ever Defence Expo

Over the past few weeks, the buzz surrounding India's biggest ever Defence Expo, happening here in Lucknow is almost phenomenal. Localites are eagerly awaiting the opening of the gates while officials are hard at work to make the event possible. With over a thousand companies from about 70 countries taking part, Defence Expo 2020 surely promises to expose you to the latest in arms, armament, ammunition, defence communications, protective gear, clothing, radars, aircraft, ships, habitat, food for soldiers in remote areas and a vast multitude of defence related requirements.

While you wait, we bring you 5 of the most important things that you should know about the Defence Expo 2020, which will be happening from the 5th to the 9th of February.

Insights into military companies & new ammunition

Everyone knows that military equipment comes from somewhere. But now, you get a chance to see everything for yourself- these companies (from almost 70 countries), their products, the different types of weapons they have and the whole shebang. In fact, the expo will also play host to some of the biggest heavy ammunition companies out there. One of the most well known companies here will be European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, who will showcase their latest military equipment, aviation and technologies right here at the venue.

Watch military dogs in action

If you guys have a love for dogs, which surely most of us do, then this is a show that you guys shouldn't miss. Here, you can see for yourself how these hero dogs find IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), terrorist hideouts and more. Additionally, the furry four-legged faujis will also put on an amazing show of obedience and discipline right before your eyes.

For the uninitiated, there are tracker dogs (mostly labradors), sniffer dogs (to detect explosives, also mostly labradors) and dogs which chase and catch criminals (German shepherds or bulk mastiffs and rottweilers).

Step into a soldier's shoes

Though the main attraction here is surely all the new defence technology, the general public can also partake in some fun-filled activities. Here, you can pose along with sailboats for selfies, don a soldier's look and get a chance to experience how they live in the border, amidst tensions, an obstacle course and a lot more. A simulation firing range should also give you a battlefield like experience. In an essence, the Defence Expo will open your eyes to what it takes to be a soldier.

Tank Rides, Air Shows and Know Your Army

For the general public, the local defence units will organise demonstrations and shows based on their equipment and capabilities which is akin to 'Know your Army'. People will get a chance at tank rides, firing of small arms (on simulators mostly), a feel of bunker life, an exposure to NBC (Nuclear, Biological or Chemical) gear, extreme cold climate clothing and much more. Simply put, it is the best chance for most of you to see how things in the army function. The main attractions include a Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missile System and the F-21 Fighter Jet brought in by American aerospace giant, Lockheed Martin. European aircraft manufacturer, Airbus, will also showcase its latest military equipment and technology at the expo.

Customized mementos

Surely, you would want something to remember the mega defence expo- say, a memento. In that case, you're in for some luck because the organizers will give you customized mementos right then and there. You can take home souvenirs such as tank and jet replicas, pens, diaries, calendars and caps containing either the army, air force or navy insignia. Certainly, it should turn into one of your most prized possessions.

Knock Knock

The upcoming Defence Expo in Lucknow is perhaps one of the biggest events the city has hosted. Preparations are on in full-swing and for good reason. Authorities are setting up an area over 200 acres for visitors to lose themselves in. Apart from that, the reasons to visit the Defence Expo are plenty and honestly, there's no way you should miss it. So go ahead and awaken the curiosity in you.

When: February 05 to 09, 2020

Where: Vrindavan Yojana, Lucknow

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Over the past few weeks, the city has been buzzing with excitement over the ongoing Defence Expo 2020. The largest defence expo in India ever is happening right here and today, the public of Lucknow can get their last look at some of the latest in military technology.

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The entire city is waiting with bated breath for Defence Expo 2020 & all that it promises. With just a week left, here's everything you need to know about the Expo & all that it is bringing to Lucknow.

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