Here are 7 things you must try at Bhootnath market, to make the most of this rainy day!

Here are 7 things you must try at Bhootnath market, to make the most of this rainy day!

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With heavy rain pouring all over the city, maybe it's best not to hassle those food delivery folks today. Instead, it's the perfect time to head out and enjoy some tasty, budget-friendly snacks that pair perfectly with this rainy season.

If you're in Indira Nagar area, Bhootnaath Market is the go-to place to enjoy a delightful evening with finger-licking good, streetside snacks! Let's uncover 7 must-try things in Bhootnaath Market-

Paneer/Aloo Patties @Sunder Bakery

Sunder Bakery has been a popular hub for students for many decades. With schools like St. Dominic, Spring Dale, CMS Indira Nagar, and Gurukul Academy nearby, this place has always been an adda for post-school snacking or even some mischievous bunk sessions. This budget-friendly spot still delivers the same high-quality food. And the cripsy patties, are to die for!

With the city drenched in rain showers, biting into their flaky, warm, and aromatic patties can instantly transport you back to those nostalgic and flavorful school days!

Nescafe Coffee

If you are a caffeine head (or even if you aren't), this delightful little coffee spot of Bhootnaath Market is a perfect place to drop by during the season. When here, try any of the new items from their updated menu like. They've got a variety of maggie options and hot drinks to elevate your mood and appetite.

Streetside Mini Samosas


While the season usually calls for hot and sizzling pakodas, Bhootnaath offers a unique twist with their street-side mini samosas. Keep an eye out for the street vendors with their quirky handheld cooking equipment. If you come across one of them, you can enjoy freshly cooked mini samosas straight outta their kadhais!

Nabeel ki Chai, Bhootnaath Sabji Mandi

Now, speaking of samosas, a steaming kulhad of chai is an absolute must during this season. You can swing by another beloved spot among students, Nabeel Tea Point, nestled in the lanes of Bhootnaath Sabzimandi. To help you find it, it's tucked away in an alley right across from St. Dominic school.

Streetside Bhutta!

How could anyone possibly overlook the joy of savouring a charcoal-roasted bhutta (can be found anywhere in Bhootnaath) during such delightful weather? The smoky and juicy flavours combined with lemon and salt, elevate this budget-friendly street-side delight into a culinary masterpiece on a rainy day.

Aloo Chaat

While there's no specific weather requirement for savouring the scrumptious aloo chaat, it's a must-try during the season. When you're in Bhootnaath Market, you can indulge in aloo chaat at Mohan Sweets, Sri Chandrakala Sweets, or even Kanchan Sweets, depending on your taste preferences.

K. Mahendran Dosa

With all the buzz surrounding the streetside stall near the Nilgiri Complex, you absolutely shouldn't miss the chance to try their Masala or Paneer Dosas. These piping hot South-Indian delights complement the season perfectly.

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