Here are 8 Awadhi dishes that Lucknow can offer like no other!

Here are 8 Awadhi dishes that Lucknow can offer like no other!

This list of cultural and royal food items will take you on a joy ride

When you hear of food, whether originating from or famous in the lanes of Lucknow, the mouth waters, and we feel you! Awadhi cuisine is famous around the world for a reason, and it is so because of the well-balanced flavours, soothing aroma and the authentic & traditional taste. Awadhi cuisine, native to Lucknow, remains as royal as it gets.

We're proud of our Nawabi roots and here are some of the most mashoor Awadhi dishes that make City of Nawabs what it is today!

Awadhi Murgh Qorma

An inherent part of every royal gathering, Awadhi Murgh Qorma is engrained in the system of all Nawabs. Silky and melting in the mouth, the meat is braised in spiced sauces, butter, ground nuts and cream. The rich and velvety flavours take the seeker on a stairway to food heaven!


The perfect proportion of meat and masalas combined with the goodness of kulcha — one would not take more than a second to guess what this savoury dish is!

You're riding on your scooty, in slight drizzle, exploring the lanes of Old Lucknow, and you come across Chowk's Raheem whilst the fragrance of Nihari-Kulcha whets your appetite. And in a blink of an eye, you've parked your vehicle and are awaiting your plate. What a delightful scenario, no?

Awadhi Biryani or Pukki Biryani

Who doesn't love Biryani?! And when fused with the authenticity of Awadhi flavours, the dish surpasses all expectations. Portraying the true essence of the Nawabs of Awadh, rice and meat are cooked separately in 'pukki' style Biryani. They are then layered together in a vessel to create divinity, and we're not exaggerating a bit!

Paradisal Kebabs

While there are plethora of kebabs now famous throughout India, Awadhi kebabs hold their own place high up the list. Whether it's Galouti/Tundey (the place got so popular that now the dish by the same name has become world-renowned) kebabs, Seekh or you're seeking of Kakori kebabs, or Shami kebabs, the city holds distinctive and special flavours to win your hearts.

We'll say it again, explore the lanes of Old Lucknow for kebabs and even if you eat only kebabs all day, you'd come back the next day!

Murgh Massalam

This finger-licking dish was first mentioned in Abul Fazl's Ain-i-Akbari, where the royal dishes cooked in Emperor Akbar's reign were documented. It, then, went by the name Musamman. In a previous instance, it was also mentioned by 14th century traveller and scholar Ibn Battuta who described it as one of the dishes at Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlaq's court.

The whole chicken is marinated in ginger-garlic paste, sometimes mixed with eggs, and seasoned with various spices to make this delicious cuisine. Kareem's is one Awadhi kitchen to offer some of the best Murg Musallam in town!

Sheermal, Warqi Paratha

Nothing more can be sung in the praises of the heavenly sheermal that hasn't already been said. If you're a Lucknowite, you know what we're saying! From Chowk's sheermal wali gali to Indira Nagar's sheermal stalls — this filling, slightly sweet roti is known to all. An Indian wedding in the city is incomplete without the same!

At the same time, Warqi paratha (translating to layered paratha) tastes similar to laccha paratha although with a different way of preparation. Served with gravy, the richness of the paratha makes the soul satisfied!

Shahi Tukda

And we finally arrive at the sweet junction, because, what is Lucknow without its mashoor mithas!? While abundant sweet dishes are famous in the city, nothing compares to the historical and authentic Shahi Tukda!

Bread pieces dipped in sugar syrup sprinkled with saffron, and blended with delicious rabdi, result in this paradisal Mughlai dessert!

Kulfi Falooda

The excitement of eating ice cream with cultural flavours hits just the right spots. The refreshing Kulfi is creamy and sweet, with an aroma like no other, and it wouldn't be wrong to say that it gives matchless contentment to your sweet buds. Combined with falooda, the sweetness engulfs you!

Rendering a flavourful food-gasm, Prakash ki Kulfi always has fulfilled our needs!

If you're a gourmet, you'd feel every detail here because these dishes take the reader on an illusory food journey! So, travel today in the lanes of Old Lucknow and thank us later!

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