Here are 9 types of people you'd meet in the malls of Lucknow

Here are 9 types of people you'd meet in the malls of Lucknow

Whether you're the type that splurges while shopping or the foodie at the food court, we've all been there.

Malls are probably our escape plans every time we hear the weekend bell ringing in our ears. And every Lucknowite will agree with the fact that malls of the city are the most popular go-to refuge to get away from the monotony of life.

While someone's forgotten about the world and only cares about his/her shopping list, there's someone else who emanates complete glam vibes (and mind you, this is their dress up moment because, well, we all deserve one!). There are so many kinds of people walking past you at malls and sometimes something quirky 'bout them catches your eye. And that's what we're doing here, people! So sit back tight, relax, and enjoy the list of passersby you know you've met at some point or another at malls of Lucknow!

The window shopper

This kind of people is probably most frequently stumbled upon by. They're just there to check the waters, to take the feel of the ground. Some would want to check the cost of something they wanna buy later, compare it with online rates and then take the decision of utmost importance.

Wait, we're not mocking, that, most definitely, is an important decision and we have utter respect for strategic window shoppers!


And then there are people who equate malls with food. That's just it. Food is everything, isn't it? The foodies can only be spotted at the food courts in malls. And they don't need to seek anything else in life but kebabs!


Then, of course, are people of the city who are at malls for the free air conditioners. Wait, that's not gareeb, it's smart! They are the hawa-seekers who like to stroll around with the winds hitting them in the face and, honestly, who doesn't like that?

Grammer alert 

And then we have those grammers who appreciate malls for their aesthetics (only). They are the selfie queens/kings who hit shopping centers as and when the new decorations go up during some festival or another. With the outfit on fleek, and the background all lit, it's obviously finna blow up the gram!

Theatre thrillers

Those people who go straight into the lift of the parking lot and hit the 4th (or 5th) floor because they've no other purpose of visiting the mall besides their movie show? Guilty!

The theatre thrillers live in a parallel world where they go to malls to watch movies and then go straight home after the show. Pretty cool, tbh.

The spendthrifts

The shopaholics who are over spenders can literally be found anywhere and everywhere, but especially at malls! And mind you, these are not just the people with money and credit cards, but also just anyone who uses retail therapy to cure stress. Because going on a shopping spree is the best! That does make you a spendthrift but that's okay, shopping is worth it all.

The Sloth bears

And here arrive those who do not want to arrive at all. These are the ones who are dragged out of oblivion to malls, against their wishes. The sloth bears love their comfortable homes but are dragged by someone they can't say no to. You know what we're talking about!

Gadget freaks

Aand, if you haven't related to any of the other types, you gotta fall under this category, because, c'mon! Whether it's Croma or Reliance Digital, everyone's a huge fan. And you know it.

Gadget freaks are those who like to keep updated about all the tech coming into this world and so, they'd roam around the gadget shops and check out all the cool stuff.

The unruly kid

Ever came across the kid that rolls on the floor, crying and begging the parents to buy something? We've all been there and it's still annoying. The unruly or spoilt kid will only be satisfied once they get want they want.

And, we mean, that's not just true for kids...

Basically, what we're saying is that we've all judged our fellow shoppers at some point in time and all in good fun (right? right). We call it noticing, and it's good to observe.

You can imbibe all these various types and chill at the malls of Lucknow without the fear of judgment. Because, YOLO!

Here are 9 types of people you'd meet in the malls of Lucknow
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