Here are all the thriving markets of Lucknow that will take you down a cultural lane!

Here are all the thriving markets of Lucknow that will take you down a cultural lane!

These markets, where you can find anything under the sun, are the pride of Lucknow

Hola, Lucknowites! Here's a list of all the markets in the city to remind you of your rich cultural heritage. Sit back, relax and get ready for a virtual trip this time, to the vibrant markets of Lucknow.

Uttar Pradesh's pride - Rakabganj, the spice market

A haven for all sorts and kinds of pulses and spices, Lucknow's Rakabganj is Uttar Pradesh’s largest wholesale spice market.

Did you know why this unique market is a matter of pride in the city's culinary history? Well, Rakabganj was once known to serve everyone alike — from kings to paupers! It's renowned for its extensive mix of masalas.

The fragrances of the varied spices and pulses engulf you, becoming ethereal for all those who know their food!

Location: Rakabganj

Flowers in all hues @ Phool Mandi

One of the cultural gems that the Chowk market of Lucknow has to offer is its Phool Mandi. Although you can still find flower vendors in Chowk, most of the shops have shifted in recent years to Gomti Nagar.

Still evoking the filmy vibes, this narrow but richly fragrant Phool Wali Gali or 'lane of flowers' has scores of marigolds and roses available for bulk buying.

The options in the new Phool Mandi have drastically increased. Now, you can get carnations, roses, lilies and so on in all your favourite colours. The fresh new lane is also cleaner!

Location: Kisan Bazar, opposite One Awadh Centre mall, Gomti Nagar

The big bazaar @ Bhootnath

Indira Nagar's popular marketplace Bhootnath is a household name in modern Lucknow. One of the attractions is the Bhootnath mandir but this is a place where you can buy and eat anything and everything that crosses your mind.

The flower lane at the entrance needs a special mention, and so do the recently developed cafes and shops. The great thing about Bhootnath is that it keeps evolving — having the old and new elements constantly mingling with one another.

The place glows up, especially around festivals and the shops are full of the samagri needed for various poojas, or rakhis during Raksha Bandhan, crackers during Diwali, colours and toys during Holi and so on.

Location: B block, Indira Nagar

Nothing you can't find in Nakhas

Nakhas, or the 200-year-old market you probably grew up hearing about, is one place where there's nothing you cannot find. And we're not exaggerating one bit!

All sorts of garments, house decor, garden essentials, handicrafts, food, pet animals and birds, and electronics (honestly? ANYTHING you can think about) are available here.

Nakhas also offers a widespread flea market on Sundays that is the largest market for second-hand goods. These incorporate jewellery, garments, wooden items, antique collectables, and more.

Location: Bhadewan Colony, Khala Bazar, Old Labour Colony

Treat yo'selves on Wednesdays at Budh Bazaar!

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy stuff and that's the same thing! Shopping at Budh Bazaar is retail therapy. Although extremely crowded (but, that's true for most markets on the list), the market is famous for being set up only on Wednesdays and, thus, the name.

Now, let's get to the point — this is basically the cheapest market in Lucknow and has the potential for a lot of bargaining too!

Location: Gol Market Chowraha, Mahanagar

Ganj-ing at Hazratganj

You must have heard of the popular phrase "ganj-ing" from your parents and this is just how ageless and iconic Hazratganj is. One of the very first shopping areas in the city, the flourishing Hazratganj is almost a century old and has been revamped dozens of times.

Sheltering countless shops and stalls, Ganj has every popular label there can be. Although not a place for bargaining, 'Ganjing' in the evenings is still loved and enjoyed by the city folks.

If you're on the roads of Ganj, do not miss the Janpath bazaar located in its spacious corner. Janpath is one of the favourite market-places for shopaholics and exhibits from ethnic sarees, Chikan garments, and footwear to jewellery and perfume shops. Yes, we read your minds - this is the perfect place for bargaining in Ganj.

Location: It's Hazratganj, you guys, come on!

Old Lucknow's shaan — Chowk

One of the oldest standing markets, Chowk is probably the most resourceful the City of Nawabs will ever make you!

You can find all sorts of clothing, including the famous Chickankari shops, exotic jewellery and stones here, and what not! The food of Chowk is what makes Old Lucknow divine amongst foodies, and how!

The antique market is also known for the traditional Ittar (perfume), vibrant Nagra shoes and Mojris.

During Ramzaan, Chowk has a different resplendent glow and evokes peaceful and secular vibes. You will find people of all religions embracing each other, and having a good time. And, ladies and gentlemen, that is the beauty of Old Lucknow for you.

When in Chowk, you cannot possibly miss eating at Tunday Kababi or Idris Biryani. Rahim ki Nihari Kulche is the go-to dish for the food-lovers visiting Chowk.

Location: By the Bara Imambara. P.S. It remains closed on Thursdays.

Patrakarpuram, a modern hang-out marketplace

A modern market that keeps evolving and developing, Patrakarpuram is more frequented by the younger generations. The various food joints and cafes nearby enable it to feature in the popular places' list.

If you already haven't visited this market, it has arenas for both street and store shopping. Opposite the street market, Patrakarpuram flaunts recent additions like Reliance Trends and Max. For food joints, we'd recommend Royal Cafe, Mocha and Food Haat.

Location: Gomti Nagar

Aminabad is a feeling for foodies

And last but certainly not least, a humongous marketplace that has seen Awadh become Lucknow — it's Aminabad for the win! No, of course, it's not a competition. However, the perfect emblem of Old Lucknow, Aminabad has literally everything!

From local handicrafts, and all sorts of clothes to every item you can possibly imagine for your home. Food deserves a special mention, because, do we really need to say it?

Wahid Biryani, Prakash ki Kulfi, Alamgir, Sharma ki chai, Tundey Kababi, Punjab Juice Corner — Aminabad is a feeling for foodies!

Stroll to the Jhandelwala road lane and you'll see the dream of all book lovers coming true with extravagantly spread second-hand book stores.

P.S. The market remains shut on Thursdays.

Gadget freaks should head to Latouche Road

A special mention under Aminabad is the Latouche road, extremely renowned for gadgets, electronics, home appliances, arms and ammunition and so on.

If you're a gadget junkie, this is the place to be at! Imported gadgets are also brought here to be sold to potential buyers. Electronics and tech items here can be bought at very modest rates.

However, here is a warning. You got to polish your bargaining skills to be a hit here in shopping. Also, you might also find a lot of fakes and first copies… (so maybe, take your Moms with you?).

Anyway, happy shopping!

Location: Nazirabad, Ghasyari Mandi, Aminabad

Haven for bangles — Gadbad Jhaala

Wedding preparations are incomplete for Lucknowites without making a visit to Gadbad Jhala of Aminabad.

The area is known especially for bangles. The largest selection of bangles is displayed here in all hues and materials. Gadbad Jhala sells all the little things you usually require at home.

Everything under the sun in Kapoorthala/Aliganj market

A hub for stores, coachings, and food shops — the Kapoorthala or Aliganj market is yet another modern hang-out spot for shoppers.

The market offers numerous Chikan shops and the ethnic and colourful embroidery in the garments will win your heart. From designer sarees to in-style party stuff, you'd get it all here.

Multitude cafes have also opened up in different places here, thus, frequented by the youngsters.

Location: Kapoorthala and Aliganj

Soo... it's time for a shopping spree! We're sure you are as excited as we are to go and shop with this new information in hand. Keep things economical and explore these prosperous markets of Lucknow!

Happy shopping!

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