Here is a list of places in Lucknow to experience a sublimely serene Shaam-e-Awadh

Here is a list of places in Lucknow to experience a sublimely serene Shaam-e-Awadh

The city of cultural and heritage always leaves one in awe of its beauty.

With tehzeeb, riwayat, and nafasat bedecking the town always, places in Lucknow keep rendering experiences we crave. And if you're a Lucknowite, there's nothing else that can bring you more peace than taking a stroll through the lanes of the City of Nawabs.

Despite the constant development in the city and changes in lifestyle, nothing has been able to replace these experiences which spell a takmeel Shaam-e-Awadh, for us Lucknowites. Ready to embark on a visual journey to the emotional side of Lucknow?

A spellbinding spectacle — Constantia

Recently featured in Vogue, the breath-taking marvel that Constantia at La Martiniere School is is known to all. Constructed by Major General Claude Martin in 1845, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage site today.

An educationally, historically, culturally and architecturally prosperous institution, Constantia can be visited and explored by the public. It is a site for true Shaam-e-Awadh and we're proud of these roots.

Amphitheatre @ Hussainabad Clock Tower

Built in 1881, the Hussainabad Clock Tower gleams over the city that never fails to brighten our lives. Situated adjacent to the Bada Imambada, Rumi Darwaza, and Teele Wali Masjid, the building represents Victorian and Gothic style. Peaking high at 67 metres (220 ft), it is also one of the tallest clock towers in the country.

For an evening when you just want to relax, relax by the steps leading to the Amphitheater in this historic marvel from the colonial era.

Stroll along Kudiya Ghat

Yet another wonder that the city cradles is the Kudiya Ghat and the calm that comes along with it. Located at the banks of the mighty Gomti river, it is thronged by thousands of devotees, on several occasions. And on other days, the quiet and peaceful vibe one can feel here is unmatched.

Stroll down, along the river, during sunset or sunrise and experience waves of tranquility blessing your minds.

Always fun Ganj-ing

Sometimes we feel like a day out in the city is incomplete without 'Ganjing'. The iconic expression basically stands for ambulating in the lanes of and eating and shopping along Lucknow's age-old Hazratganj.

The place, even though crowded, looks even better at night. It is one of the most happening places in town and glows like no other!

Nostalgia of Qaiserbagh, Lalbagh

Take a ride on a train of nostalgia by visiting the city's favourite eating spots. Whether its Sharma ki Chai, Prakash ki mashoor kulfi, Wahid ki Biryani, and so much more, revive your childhood memories, seeing the familiar friendly faces!

The lanes of Qaiserbagh and roads of Lalbagh keep bringing us back to culturally laden spots like Dastarkhwan and Naushijaan, and we're never tired of the aromatic and flavourful dishes.

Drive across Cantonment

Whether it's going for a long and pleasant drive around the cantonment area or stopping by to gaze at the captivating beauty of Dilkusha Garden and the adjacent Dilkusha Kothi, the experience will always leave you in peace.

You can also explore the Kasturba Gandhi Park and Somnath Dwar, that'll make you remember the supreme sacrifice of the Indian Army officer Major Somnath Sharma. The lush greenery of the area will never fail to lighten your mood and render a different kind of calmness.

Constantly growing Kukrail

And last but not the least, we have the popular Kukrail Reserve Forest in Lucknow to bank upon for a pleasant time. The urban forest, basically a breeding ground for freshwater gharial species, is also a pleasurable drive away through refreshing greenery.

Recently in the news for its growth, the forest will very soon be the home to the relocated Lucknow Zoo and night safari. A riverfront is also expected to be constructed in the premises by channelising the river flowing in the Kukrail range, making it an even better spot to explore!

Knock Knock

While these experiences are all unique in their own ways, a list of peaceful places in Lucknow is really unending. Yet, we've attempted at capturing some of these pacific adventures standing in the city that never miss touching our hearts and improving our moods after a long day!

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