Here is how you can enjoy the Knocksense Lucky Ali Live show in Lucknow this Sunday!

Here is how you can enjoy the Knocksense Lucky Ali Live show in Lucknow this Sunday!

Download the Knocksense app and get the Select Membership for the VIP Area Pass now!

Excited for the Knocksense Lucky Ali Live show that is happening in Lucknow on May 8? We can totally agree, for we too are counting down the days till this legendary singer takes over the town with his soulful voice!

To help all of you who still haven't secured passes for this musical extravaganza, here is a list of membership options that you can choose from to enjoy the concert and unlock your way to a whole new world of privileges!

VIP Area Pass for Select Members! 

To be honest, nothing beats the adrenaline rush that one gets while enjoying a live music concert from the front row! And if you wish to do so at the Knocksense Lucky Ali Live show, here's what you gotta do!

Download the Knocksense app and get the Select Membership for the VIP Area Pass. For new members, the membership is currently priced at ₹7,000 which includes cash vouchers of ₹7,500 fully redeemable at city's most premium places and bars, and 75 unlocks!

So, a cashback of ₹7,500 along with 75 super-saver unlocks, One 'TrulyMadly Voucher' 90% off on Premium Plan and a VIP Area Pass for the Lucky Ali Live concert at ₹7000? Could there BE a better deal?

While you might think there's nothing better than this, there actually is! As a special discount for all the existing SELECT members, this top-up is available at ₹6,200 only!

The existing Select Mini members also get to level up to Select Membership at ₹6,450 while the current Platinum members can upgrade to Select Membership at ₹6,600!

Premium Pass For Select Mini Members 

At the Knocksense Lucky Ali Live concert, there's a special area marked out for the premium people in town! To get access to this pavilion, all you need to do is get a Select Mini Membership from the Knocksense and KnockOFF app.

The Select Mini Membership is currently priced at ₹2,800 which includes the entry pass for this members-exclusive musical night, one cash voucher of ₹1,500, redeemable at the top cafes in Lucknow, 40 unlocks across 300+ brands AND one "TrulyMadly Voucher" 90% off on Premium Plan!

For the existing Knocksense members, the Select Mini Membership is also available at a discounted rate. Platinum members get to upgrade their membership to Select Mini with a flat ₹400 off while the current Select Mini Members get to renew their membership at a discount of ₹550!

With a FLAT ₹800 off, existing Select members can avail of the Select Mini benefits at just ₹2,000!

General Area Pass for Platinum Members

On popular public demand, Knocksense Lucknow is happy to announce a new pricing, making the event accessible for all music lovers in town! The General Area Pass priced at ₹2000 not only gives you access to the LIVE Lucky Ali performance but also the KnockOFF Platinum membership, with 40 unlocks to welcome you aboard this world of privileges!

Existing KnockOFF members get a FLAT ₹400 off on this offer, essentially making the concert pass along with a Platinum Membership for just ₹1600!

Knock Knock

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your preferred deal and before you make the choice, let us reaffirm that each plan has exclusive benefits of its own! Rest assured, this will be the single most beneficial deal that you will ever get to own!

P.S. if you grab your membership now, you might also get a TrulyMadly date for the concert by Sunday. *wink wink*

Location: Phoenix Palassio, Lucknow

Date: May 8, 2022

Timings: 6:00 PM onwards

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