Here's all you need to know about Lucknow Municipal Corporation's four-bin initiative

The fourth bin would sort out articles of bio-waste from the dry waste category.

LMC has launched a new four-bin method of waste segregation, in a bid to revamp the city's waste disposal system. The system initially had two bins, currently it has three and now, a new fourth container has been added to the system to make sure that the bio-waste is disposed of separately. While the drive is first being implemented in Lucknow, it might soon be followed in other cities across the state.

What's the latest update?

Though the Bio-Waste Act of 2016 had detailed the four-part segregation of waste, the norms were not being followed. Post the cleanliness survey, the municipal corporation had appealed to all the residents to keep a fixed bin for domestic wastes. Gradually, there was an advisory to have two more containers. The recently added fourth bin would sort out articles of bio-waste from the dry waste category. The Lucknow Municipal Corporation has roped in 110 champions(youth volunteers) to create awareness about different bins in households across the city. It is being stressed that the waste is separated into different containers within the domestic boundaries.

As per reports, the commissioner stated that the segregated wastes obtained from homes is used for different purposes. Currently, machines are being used to sort the waste which is a long and inefficient process. If the waste is sorted within the domestic set-up, it would be a less time-consuming process. Citizens have been asked to dispose of wastes in the collection vehicles which would have containers for four categories. As of now, 210 vehicles have been equipped with a fourth vessel but efforts are being employed to include the facility in all of them.

Bins to segregate wastes of different kinds

While the blue bin is being used for dry wastes like newspapers, plastic, scrap iron, clothing and packaging material, etc, the green bin serves as a dump-box for wet wastes like fruit and vegetable peels, leftover food amongst others. The added yellow bin collects sanitary waste like diapers and sanitary pads, expired medicines, used syringes and COVID-19 wastes like masks, PPE kits, gloves, caps and napkins. In addition to the three of these, the existing black bin is used for paint boxes, CFL bulbs, pesticide containers, tube lights, broken thermometers and used batteries. While plastic is recycled, wet waste is converted to manure and dry waste is reinvented into inter-locking tiles.

Waste management system is highly crucial for any developing city. Every day, Lucknow produces wastes weighing up to 1300 to 1400 metric tonnes. 50% of the waste belongs to the 'wet' category and 45% of it is dry, including bio-waste and hazardous materials. The remaining 5% of waste is such which can be put to no use and is dumped in a landfill. While the fourth bin attempts to remould the system, citizens need to be made aware about it.

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