Here's how kite makers of Lucknow's Mohini Purwa have preserved the age-old craft!

Here's how kite makers of Lucknow's Mohini Purwa have preserved the age-old craft!

Meet the kite-makers of Mohini Purwa.

If you reside in the old Lucknow area or are well acquainted with the streets, you must be aware of the much-loved kite shops and the thriving kite-flying community, exclusive to the city.

Lucknow not only hosts underground kiting competitions but also has a full-fledged market comprising retailers and wholesalers. What makes this more intriguing is that the City of Nawabs indigenously manufactures its own supply of kites and manjha. And astonishingly, the entire production process unfolds within the houses of Mohini Purwa.

To introduce you to the kite makers of Lucknow, we ventured into the Mohini Purwa area, nestled along the banks of the River Gomti. Here's what we found.

A decades-old profession for craftsmen of Mohini Purwa

Mohini Purwa, situated just beyond the entrance of Kudiya Ghat in purana Lucknow, is a hidden gem where skilled craftsmen have been involved in the art of kite making since many many decades.

In this unassuming neighborhood, the tradition of crafting kites has been passed down through generations. Many households in Mohini Purwa are workshops where these talented craftsmen meticulously create kites, which are then distributed to the city's wholesalers.

Meet thebrother duo of Mohini Purwa; living life making kites

Bhure, one of the kite makers of Mohini Purwa
Bhure, one of the kite makers of Mohini Purwa

As we navigated the winding streets of the neighbourhood, delving into the enchanting world of the city's kite makers, we serendipitously crossed paths with Bhure, a native kite maker from Mohini Purwa at a local chai tapri.

Without hesitation, Bhure graciously offered to guide us through his humble abode, where he and his brother, Abhishek, work together to make kites to sustain their livelihood.

From a childhood hobby to a full-fledged profession

Bhure and Abhishek, who share a profound love for kiting since childhood, transformed their passion into a craft six years ago. With dedicated practice and their evolving expertise in kite-making, they began creating intricately designed kites. This eventually also facilitated their connections with local wholesalers and shaukiya patangbaaz in the area.

Bhure went on to provide us with a comprehensive insight into the art of kite making, offering a hands-on demonstration of the entire process.

Artisans using their passion to make a living

While meeting these artisans, what struck us most was their remarkable will to pursue their passion and use it to make a living, while keeping the age-old craft alive.

Knock Knock

Another distinctive feature that seems to be a hallmark of old Lucknow is the warmth in its residents. In an age where practicality often limits social interactions to familiar circles, the people in this part of the city stand out for their exceptional ability to socialize and extend hospitality to all.

It's here, that the 'Mehmaan-Nawazi', which Lucknow has long been associated with thrives.

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