Amiphoria 2020 in Lucknow was lit & here's all that we loved during these 3 days!

Amiphoria 2020 in Lucknow was lit & here's all that we loved during these 3 days!

Although it's just February, we've already attended one of the most popular events in Lucknow which people wait for, all year long! Amiphoria 2020 witnessed the youth of Lucknow stemming from various colleges and universities, frolicking to the grounds of Amity University and it was a vibrant spectacle of all things interesting, young and fun.

With a theme of Jashn-e-Zindagi, Amiphoria 2020 presented a plethora of events and activities which had us hooked since the first day! This three-day event was definitely a level above its predecessors and it has set some really tough milestones for the years to come. So here's what we absolutely loved about Amiphoria 2020 and if you've missed out on this fiesta, our heartfelt sympathies are with you.

Here's what happened!

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The power-packed Amiphoria gave us a resounding reminder that zindagi badi nahi, lambi honi chahiye. The events were flagged off with a carnival and a flash mob, after which various competitions and programs ran their course throughout these kick-ass three days.

The events included activities and competitions like Xuberance (MR. & MS. Amity), games like Treasure Hunt and Tambola, Tu Banega Roadie, ramp walks, theatre acts, photography and movie making, art and craft sessions, amidst others. All of this was followed by a DJ night spearheaded by the city's own, DJ Ravetek. who made us swing and sway like there's no tomorrow.

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Among all the attractions here at Amiphoria, the doggo adoption camp set up by Jeev Ashray, definitely deserves a special mention. All dressed in their best, the positive vibes here were contagious and it made us want to stay a little longer. Attractions like selfie corners in each nook of the campus kept the youngsters busy and the blaring music was nothing less than a pleasant company for our ears.

Knock Knock

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The event introduces pupils to experience a platform that is abundantly giving and at the core, it is organized, coordinated and run by students only- hence they get to see and learn things hands-on while immersing themselves in the practicality of it, all wrapped in tons of fun.

Merely standing at the crowded grounds of Amity during this time of the year, will definitely speak volumes of Amiphoria's popularity, like no other. This colossal fest gives you all the right reason to be a part of it and when given a chance, you should be here to make the most of your days.

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