High tech-face recognition CCTV cameras to be installed at 10 major intersections in Lucknow

High tech-face recognition CCTV cameras to be installed at 10 major intersections in Lucknow

These face-recognition cameras will help Lucknow Police trace, track and catch criminals efficiently

Under the scope of the Smart City Project, the Lucknow Police Commissionerate has planned to install high-technology, face recognition cameras across 10 prominent intersections (chaurahas) in the city. These AI enabled advanced CCTVs are expected to digitally upgrade and improve Law and Order in the city by tracking criminals and criminal activities. As per reports, the cameras will also help to bolster surveillance and security in Lucknow, making it safer for the people.

Lucknow to become the 2nd district in UP to install face-recognition CCTVs

Tracing the footsteps of Varanasi, the Lucknow Smart City Project will become the second district in the state to install facial recognition cameras to boost maintenance of Law and Order in UP. The state of the art system will help Police Officers in tracing, identifying, tracking and arresting criminals on the run, added reports, for over public safety in Lucknow.

As per reports, Police Commissioner DK Thakur, officials of Smart City, Municipal Corporation and Traffic Police have surveyed Lucknow intersections and dogmark them for installation. In the first phase, about 10 chaurahas will get these AI enabled cameras.

Highly advanced software for accurate results 

Notably, the CCTVs will be integrated with the ITMS database records of the criminals and will alert the the police officials if a face is recognised. The sensitivity of the cameras has been marked up to a distance of 50.60 meters for yielding accurate results.

DCP Traffic Subhash Chandra Shakya further assured that the cameras can work effectively despite the helmet and mask limitation. The CCTVs are also fit to recognise faces irrespective of signs of aging. This means that the software is advanced enough to even trace a criminal even if the database records are older.

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