Holi Special | Here’s how you can make trending flaky Gujiyas at home

Holi Special | Here’s how you can make trending flaky Gujiyas at home

Light and easy without compromising on flavour!

Let’s be honest, Holi is one of the most exciting festivals celebrated in India that guarantees a jolly good time. Be it wanting to go all out playing Holi with neighbours or catching up with cousins over a fun afternoon, it is about making memories. And of course, how can we forget the most important bit- devouring the delicious sweets, and forgetting the cheat days!

Well, keep on reading as we spill the secret to make the perfect flaky Gujiya from Sandhya’s Kitchen!

How to make Gujiya for Holi at home

Let’s start off first with collecting the ingredients for the recipe. To make delicious Baked Gujiya, you’ll need:

- 250g of refined flour,

- 25 ml of melted ghee,

- 100 ml of water,

- 200g of khoya,

- 1 tea spoon of cardamom powder,

- 50g of raisins,

- 2 table spoon of chironji,

- and 85g of sugar. 

Coming to the process bit, let’s begin with making a hard dough by kneading flour, water and ghee. Once prepared, let is sit for at least half an hour. In the mean while, roast khoya in a pan till it is light brown in colour and let it cool off. Now add powdered sugar, raisins, calumpong nut (chironji) to your roasted khoya base. Mix everything well and keep the stuffing aside. Check the taste and add more powdered sugar if you prefer.

Moving on to the difficult bit, roll the dough into thin a chapati, cut it into 2.5" roundels, apply water on edges. Place about one tablespoons of the prepared khoya filling on one side of the circle, keeping the edges empty. Don’t add too much of stuffing as it becomes difficult to shape the Gujiya. Now carefully, bring together both the edges and gently press to make a half moon. Then place your Gujiyas on a try and bake them at 200°C for 10 min (until golden brown).

Ready to serve, garnish these babies with crushed pistachio and rose petals. Pair it with your evening tea or serve as a dessert with thandai to the guests and make your celebrations all the more joyous!

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