Hop aboard Lucknow's journey through historical names & titles with us!

Hop aboard Lucknow's journey through historical names & titles with us!

Check out this list of names that the city of Nawabs had in its historical journey.

Even though the entire world gushes over Lucknow's great heritage, its magnificent art and rich culture, not a lot of people know how this beautiful city has evolved into what it is today. One of the lesser known things about this city is the evolution of names it has undergone, owing to an elaborate history, foreign influences and of course - constant change.

So without any further ado, hop aboard Lucknow's journey through historical names and titles with us. Check out this list of titles that Lucknow has been adorned with!

From Lakshmanpur to Lucknow

Legend has it that Lucknow was a part of the ancient province of Lakshmanpur which was ruled over by Lord Rama's brother Lakshman. Ever since then, the journey of Lucknow's name has gone through several processes of nomenclature, right from Lakshmanpuri to Lakhanpur in 11 Century AD.

Another theory states that Lucknow was named after Goddess Laxmi. As per this theory, the city was initially called Laksmanauti but then went on to be known as Laksmnaut, Lakhsnaut, Lakhsnau and Lakhnau before finally becoming Lucknow.

Constantinople of the East


Apart from its rich culture, Lucknow is known for its awe-inspiring architectural gems as well. From the magnificent Rumi Darwaza to the intricately built magnanimous Imambadas, the city is home to many marvels. What we are trying to say is that it is not without any reason that the city has been called the Constantinople of the East!

With its arches and domes bearing a striking resemblance to the monuments of Istanbul (erstwhile Constantinople) and the Rumi Darwaza which is said to be identical to the gateway of Constantinople, Lucknow is famed as the Constantinople of the East, and rightfully so.

City of Nawabs

It is not possible to write a piece on Lucknow without mentioning its Nawabi heritage. The Nawabs ruled the erstwhile Awadh for more than a century, leading to one of the most glorious periods in Lucknow's history. During this time, the town emerged as a cultural hub with arts, dance, music, poetry and architecture at its fore.

Famed for its nazakat, nafasat and tehzeeb, Lucknow still retains its refined cultural values from the golden days of Nawabs. Even a regular Lakhnavi's vernacular today carries forward the rich cultural upgrade that the city witnessed during this era. This retained refinement is what makes Lucknow, truly, the City of Nawabs.

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