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If you’ve been on the roads of Lucknow, you will relate to these 9 things that happen in the city

Hit the brakes and go through these 9 scenarios that spell all that's wrong with riders & drivers on Lucknow roads.

Of all things that Lucknowites can be proud of, 'road sense' surely doesn't make the cut. Besides scenarios of road raging and accidents, there is plenty wrong with Lucknow roads and we are sure, each one can relate to these 9 incidents that occur too frequently here. Sometimes, it churns a good anecdote to tell over dinner but other times, it can be fatal as well! So hit the brakes as you go through this list.

Stopping behind Zebra crossing; what's that?

Well, some drivers in Lucknow do not understand the concept of traffic signals, AT ALL. Let alone stopping at the red light, stopping behind the zebra-crossing is a myth! Lucknow drivers have an unsaid competition, that is to see 'who can stop their vehicles farthest from zebra crossing.' As a prize, sadly, there are only challans. So be careful.

Blocked left turns

Traffic signals in Lucknow usually allow a free-left turn, however, the same can't be said for the traffic here. While vehicles at chaurahas are supposed to leave enough space on the left side to let others pass, this doesn't happen, especially at prominent signals where the traffic flow is abundant.

Toh kya karein hum? Marr jayein?

Roads or Fight Club?

Minor accidents or bumping cars are very common when there's a traffic rush. So there are two ways to go about the situation- either apologise and get going or drift to a side lane to sort the matter out. But the 'Lucknow way' to solve things is slightly different- people step out of cars right at the accident site to start a fight and indulge in power play, while the rushing traffic stands impatiently as spectators.

Stopping vehicles in the middle of the road

'Hum jaha par khade ho jate hai, line wahi se shuru hoti hai' and that's a long line of vehicles that come to a halt just because one car decides to stop in the middle of the road, without any warning. This could be to take a call, to drop off passengers, to spit out their paan-masala or any other reason! So, be cautious and make sure to hit the brakes to avoid any casualties.

​Indicators are an alien concept

There are a lot of drivers in the city that do not believe in indicators and these are the same people who believe in taking sharp turns, whenever they please! Vehicles following behind, simply need to develop telepathy! But that is not it. While you accustom yourself to be on the same road as these people, there comes in others, with level-2 difficulty- giving out a wrong indicator!

​Slowing down on high-speed lanes

This is a special category and primarily includes auto-rickshaws, tempos and buses that will slow down suddenly in a high-speed lane to either pick-up or drop-off a commuter. This often leads to accidents and crashes, as following vehicles cannot process the sudden slowdown and they usually end up hitting or barely escaping by a close call.

​Overtaking from left in a single-lane road

Single lane roads are those that allow traffic on either side and usually do not have a barrier demarcating two-separate lanes. This allows drivers to change lanes frequently while in transit, however, there are these skilled drivers who love to overtake from the left, RIGHT in the face of opposite traffic!

​One way routes are fictional

One way routes are fictional and that is the popular belief among Lucknow drivers, who will speed through any street, one-way who?! And if that's not enough, they will also give you warning looks for driving in your own lane, as if you're on the wrong side. Sometimes, we really wonder what goes on in their heads?!

​Encroachment by vendors and non-authorised parking

So if you think Lucknow is all about narrow snaking lanes and labyrinths, all we'd like to say is NO. The city lanes are not narrow but seem so because half of them are encroached by either street hawkers or non-authorised parking. They eat-up most of the road-space and what is left is a challenge, for the vehicles to trudge through.

Knock Knock

Whoever said that the ABC of driving is control of the accelerator, clutch and brake, clearly has never driven on the roads of Lucknow. Drivers and riders in the city know that the key aspects here are patience, road sense and a whole lot of caution with a side of gangsta attitude! So do let us know of any such or other randomly bizarre things that have happened with you.

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