‘Hosting Happinez’ in Lucknow is who you need to jazz up your special day

‘Hosting Happinez’ in Lucknow is who you need to jazz up your special day

Wedding planning and event organizing company ‘Hosting Happinez’ is creating unforgettable memories for all your celebrations

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Whenever we think of parties or a celebration, we have a set idea in mind. A visual we have been picturing from long, a visual which we want to turn into reality. Be it a something as small as your birthday or as big as a wedding, finding the right event planner to help you turn your dreams into a reality, is the key to any successful event.

We all have an idea of what we want, something you've seen on a pinterest post, a TV show or a celebrity's wedding, and it’s an event planner who is responsible for making the picture come to life. We may know where to find a good florist, but task of finding the right the centerpieces, the mandap, the cake cutting table, the 'selfie station' and the decor of the entry gate, is a big one, which is why one definitely needs an event planner. If you have been looking for one in Lucknow, 'Hosting Happinez' could be the one which fits you like a glove.

‘Hosting Happinez’ in Lucknow is who you need to jazz up your special day

Who and What is 'Hosting Happinez'?

Started 8 years ago by a designing student and a NIFT graduate Suvidha Amarnani and her husband Prrashant Amarnani, Hosting Happinez is an event organizing company which found its inception with craft classes and decor. The couple started 'Hosting Happinez' as a passion project for close friends and relatives which then turned in to a full-blown event company, thriving to make each event beautiful and mesmerizing. While Suvidha takes care of the decor and the designing, Prrashant is the one handling all the logistics and management that goes behind managing such a big company. From hospitality for your outstation guests, artists for a rocking sangeet ceremony and photography to capture all your precious moments, at Hosting happinez you get it all.

Why ‘Hosting Happinez’?

Any event which is centered around you, should reflect your personal style. It shouldn't just be a run of the mill setup which is far from your visual. That is exactly where Hosting happinez comes to your rescue. These people ensure that your unique style and preference is taken care of and that is why each wedding or event at Hosting Happinez is designed in a singularly unique fashion.

‘Hosting Happinez’ in Lucknow is who you need to jazz up your special day

Want a bohemian beachy wedding and have a tight budget, they'll get you some tropical decor, throw in some cocktails, and you can waltz to your mandap on the tune of the Pina Colada song. Looking for something super traditional and yet bomb AF, they'll get you the golden marigold decor, the shiny gota-patti on the chairs and a mandap made of mango leaves, yellow flowers and lined with terracotta pots. And if you're looking for something classy and elegant, they can get you a garden wedding with white canopies, lilies for centerpieces and a minimalistic open mandap.

Hosting Happinez has done a ton of events, from pre-wedding functions, sangeet nd engagement ceremonies, quirky haldi function, elegant receptions to five-day weddings. The best part about them is that they have a "no package policy", so no matter what your budget is, you can depend on the team to look after everything you want and make your vision come to life.

So if it's your wedding, engagement ceremony, or the after-party, reach out to the Hosting Happinez team and enjoy your celebrations while they take care of everything else.

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