If street food is your weakness, this food festival at Lucknow’s Drowning Street is for you!

If street food is your weakness, this food festival at Lucknow’s Drowning Street is for you!

When it comes to relishing a palatial dining affair in the city, The Drowning Street is one of the foremost venues which pops up in our minds with its grandeur!

Famed for their sumptuous victuals, premier sheesha and an elaborate beverage menu, Lucknowites consider TDS as one of their staple chill hubs and we all know why! Be it stellar hospitality or a glam-chic ambience, this restaurant has rapidly emerged as a worthy contender for the other eateries around.

Just like before, The Drowning Street has yet again come up with an event, which’ll heed to everyone’s cravings and it is truly of the people, for the people and by the people!

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What’s Cookin’?

Expect an amalgamation of the best street-side grubs from the city and beyond, at The Drowning Street from 30th of August to 15th of September.

The menu will include delicacies from Indore, Delhi and Mumbai amidst others and it’ll have ample of options for vegetarians and for meat hoggers too! They’ll have exclusive live counters for batashes and kulfis and starting from 4 types of Maggi to Chole Bhature, Bombay Grilled Sandwich to Irani Roll, they’ll be serving ‘em all.

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This time, they’ve even taken public opinions while curating the menu so they’ll be dedicating 8 dishes from the menu to that octad- Aisha Shawarma, Vishal Falafel, Hirah Keema Pav and so on! How ubercool is that?!

One of Lucknow’s most prominent personalities, chef Zulfi will be hosting this street food festival and his culinary prowess can rope in even the pickiest of all eaters!

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What we’re saying is-

This street food festival is going to pull in delicacies from all over the city and beyond, so be it a Bombay style chaat or a plate of Fish Pakora, you can wolf it all down while here in Lucknow!

So brace yourselves for the upcoming ultimate street food festival like never before and burrrp away to glory.

Location: 2nd Floor Rohtas Summit, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Timings: 12noon – 11:30pm

Cost: ₹1,400 for two people (approx.)

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