If you haven’t explored this Aliganj  street in Lucknow, can you even call yourself a foodie?

If you haven’t explored this Aliganj street in Lucknow, can you even call yourself a foodie?

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

When we talk about food and Lucknow, we often see the conversation drifting towards the old Lucknow. Chowk and all its glory, Lalbagh, Hazratganj, Aminabad, but what people don’t speak of, is Aliganj. Of course there is no match to the authentic Raheem ke kulcke nihari, but Aliganj too has its gems. These hidden secrets are worth wasting your breath on. So if you live in Aliganj and are looking for something nearby, that does a great biriyani, a beautifully made plate of noodles, we’ve got you covered.

This lane in Aliganj is all about food, come here once and you won’t throw a tantrum about not getting nice food nearby-again!

Around the Richie Rich-Shyam Swaad Line

Richie Rich (left), Shaolin/Golden Leaf (right)
Richie Rich (left), Shaolin/Golden Leaf (right)

Aliganj has many food places, but nothing is as iconic or as popular as this one lane in the area. Starting from Richie-Rich along the puraniya chowraha, there are restaurants after restaurants and food joints after food joints, and we’re so not complaining.

Richie Rich: The interiors are a little run down and the vibe of this place isn’t “hip” at all, but the food here is unmatched. Be it a crispy Madrasi Dosa or a steaming plate of Paneer Noodles, no-one does it better that Richie Rich. Make sure to try their amazing Chilli Paneer Pizza, it is the stuff people dream of. The base is light, the cheese thick and the paneer so deliciously delectable you will forget the American chains.

Shaolin/Golden Leaf: Come here, if what you’re looking for is a beautifully made soup or a chilli chicken so fresh and crispy it makes you cry. Don’t come at me, but I this is where I’ve found the most ultimate Chinese chicken dishes. Their soups are to die for.

 If you haven’t explored this Aliganj  street in Lucknow, can you even call yourself a foodie?

Tamil Nadu Dosa: This little joint is tiny, but if you are a South Indian food lover and want a freshly made uttapam, a crispy dosa, soft idlis and tangy rasam, make sure to check this place out.

Momos of Nainital: No this is not the popular Nainital Momos franchise, but a homegrown one that is much better that the over-hyped Nainital. Their tandoori mushroom momos have no match, the noodles are ever so delicious and if you’re feeling a tiny bit experimental, try the momo burger.

Mr. Brown: We all know and love this bakery chain, their cakes and pastries are a source of our happiness. But what you want to order her, is the age old classic veggie burger and cold coffee. Sure they have a plethora of dishes but nothing comes even close to the burger.

Shyam Swaad: A legendary outlet for sure, they have dining options and everything, but what we like them for are the beautifully made sweets. Try their batista, it’ll put you right to a food coma.

Aryans: If you’re looking for a good plate of Chinese or some yummy-nummy Indian this is the place to be. We are a fan of their Chilly Garlic Noodles, it’s the best.

 If you haven’t explored this Aliganj  street in Lucknow, can you even call yourself a foodie?

Baati-Chokha: “Fine Dining the desi way” is possibly the best way to describe this place. From jute rope chaarpayi’s to baatis baked on open flame, the place is as desi as it gets.

Burger Beans: This joint has won hearts all round, they are known for their yummy burgers but what we love the most are the shakes and crinkly fries. You won’t go wrong with a blueberry shake or messy fries here.

The food and the guides are unending, no-one can cover each and every place especially for a city like Lucknow. So, if we’ve missed your favourite place make sure to comment down below and let us hear it.

We’ll soon be out with another guide, so until then, Adios. Happy Eating.

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