IIM-Lucknow to conduct cognitive studies to address stress-woes of CRPF personnel

IIM-Lucknow to conduct cognitive studies to address stress-woes of CRPF personnel

Lucknow's premier management institution to conduct the first of its kind, stress-mapping study for CRPF jawans.

The Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow has decided to undertake behavioural studies to identify the stress levels in the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) jawans, who work under extreme conditions. Mapping the cognitive patterns of these jawans, IIM-Lucknow will address the woes of mental health among members of the force, promoting better mental health among them. Excess stress due to work, deployment away from family and many other causes will be discussed through the study, which will lead to solutions, enabling the personnel to discharge their duties more efficiently.

IIM-Lucknow to exercise established systems to flag off a novel behavioural study of CRPF Jawans

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Lucknow's premier management institute, IIM has signed a deal memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the CRPF to conduct the study on the behavioural patterns of its task force. Legalised over the weekend, the MoU signatories CRPF director and IIM-Lucknow Professor brought the terms of the contract into play.

As per the IIM Lucknow professor, joining hands with the CRPF is a step forward towards the Prime Minister's vision of a stronger interface between security forces and academia. "The CRPF entered into an MoU with IIM Lucknow to make an evidence-based study of the 'work-life balance' of the CRPF warriors that would lead to mental strengthening as well as domestic empowerment besides other policy derivatives."

IIM Lucknow will premise the study by the use of its strong expertise in the area of behavioural psychology. A pilot research project will be conducted to start off the study, which will focus on the terms of domestic empowerment for the CRPF personnel. "As the CRPF personnel stay away from their families for months together, they are under constant mental stress which also needs to be addressed," a CRPF official said. He further informed that those deployed in Jammu and Kashmir, naxal-hit areas and in Northeastern regions remain away from their families for several months together.

"We wanted a professional agency to give us a comprehensive report as to how to address the problems faced by our personnel. It is the first study of its kind by an outside expert agency," informed the CRPF official.

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