IIT Roorkee’s Thomso: The biggest college fest in North India is back!

IIT Roorkee’s Thomso: The biggest college fest in North India is back!

The annual cultural fest of IIT Roorkee, Thomso, is back with a bang. Deemed as one of the greatest youth festivals of the Northern India, it attracts the most creative and is touted to be huge.

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The event will be a three day, fun packed ride showcasing the history and the rich culture of the college. Celebrating its 36th year, the festival is themed ‘Seized by Stardust’ and will comprise some seriously diverse events.

For the Fashionistas

Fashion lovers can showcase their talents at three events - Campus Diva, Vogue and Mr & Ms Thomso. Get ready to sizzle the ramp while rocking some sensational apparel with aplomb. Apart from fame, huge cash prizes can be won so put on your creative caps to design some trendy outfits.

For the bookworm in you

Writers, thinkers, poets, improvisers et al. can look forward to open mic and slam poetry to express their deepest feelings in the most eloquent form they can. Events like Spin a Yarn and Literati bring out the spontaneous creativity in you as come up with captivating short stories, hilarious comic strips that take the audience on a magical literary journey.

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For the Musicians

“Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life” - aptly captures spirit of the musicians who will perform at Battle of the Bands and Sangram. The events make way for individual artistes as well as bands who have a story to tell with their music.

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For the Foot tappers

Events like Footloose and Step up will make the dancers move to the groove of their favorite beats. Dance, they say is the best form of expression and we’re all set to be mesmerized by what the performers have lined up for us.

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These are just a few of the amazing interactive events that Thomso has lined up for us. Other events include cinematography competitions, online gaming tournaments, art and dramatics, quizzes and over 150 more events to give you a fun packed event.


The major attractions from the glory days of Thomso was the Carnival. This year, there are a plethora of new activities to keep everyone engaged. With events ranging from Paintball to Body Zorbing, Human foosball to dodgeball, magic shows to boulevard games, Carnival has an all inclusive set and will have something for all the visitors.

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The zonals are competitions that provide opportunities to participants directly get into the finals of highly diverse and competitive events at Thomso. The trend has carried on to Thomso 2018 after its success last year. The organizers carried out talent hunts in Jaipur, Delhi, Bhopal and Lucknow. The overwhelming participation in the zonal events has encouraged them to cover more cities in the next edition of the fest.

Why Thomso?

Thomso 2018 is set to be an event of a lifetime for college goers so be sure not to miss it. The many events, the carnival, the sports activities ensure that there is something for all each and everyone.

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