Imperier Holdings' Startup Connect in Lucknow turns out to be a resounding success!

Imperier Holdings' Startup Connect in Lucknow turns out to be a resounding success!

The Startup Connect provided a network of eminent entrepreneurs and strategic investors who actively work with early-stage firms to augment growth.

Lucknow's startup landscape is expanding and taking new heights each day. There are new businesses cropping up, each with unique takes on modern technology. When a business is in its nascent stages, it is vital to ensure a nurturing ecosystem, and also to keep an eye on the competition, not to surpass them, but to learn and collaborate with them.

The first ever Startup Connect by Imperier Holdings in association with Knocksense, which followed a similar theme, was a resounding success. With dignitaries from over 30 start-ups from across India, and esteemed founders and venture capitalists, the Startup Connect successfully created an environment which brought together future forward minds from various sectors in the startup ecosystem.

An amalgam of great minds

The event kicked off with a stimulating fireside chat. Other salient highlights of the event included a masterclass for Angel Investors, pitches by selected startups, networking and circle building activities, panel talks by known ecosystem leaders as well as an exploration of the startup ecosystem as a whole.

With participation from over 30 startup representatives, and more than 100 investors, the event had a key focus on spreading the word about startups in various fields and to bring for the best from all sectors. This is a great way to discover, and connect with completely new concepts, each with an aim to present something game-changing.

The whole event came as a game changer, and professionals such as Paritosh Shrivastav of Anthill Venture, Navneet Gupta, CEO of Ypay, Ritesh Saxena, Director of Startup Cell Uttar Pradesh, and Varul Mayank, Co-founder of Knocksense were on the panel to share their insights about the pains and struggles of building a startup from the ground up.

Startup pitches, another highlight, were abound at the Startup Connect, with some budding businesses in each sector coming in guns blazing. Some of the pitchers included Esports XO, Print Brix, DoctCo, crib, ParkMate and Prezerve, each of whom come from different fields. They each brought forth interesting and thought-provoking ideas to further their foothold in this ever increasingly challenging market.

Knock Knock

This startup connect was just the first of many, and in the near future, the Governments, in collaboration with the Startup Cell, are planning on organizing more such events. Such events aim to provide a global network of eminent entrepreneurs and strategic investors who want to actively work with early-stage firms and augment their growth.  

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