In a bid to save the environment, a plastic ban will be imposed in Lucknow from August 31

In a bid to save the environment, a plastic ban will be imposed in Lucknow from August 31

The issue of pollution is one that has plagued Lucknow for a long time now. The major contributor to this is, you guessed it, plastic, more precisely, non recyclable plastic. The state government seems to have recognized this problem and aims to tackle it by banning plastic in not just Lucknow but U.P as a whole by August 31. The move could prove especially beneficial and pave a path for a more eco-friendly Lucknow.

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There are a couple of reasons why this move is being implemented with full force. For one, Lucknow disposes off a huge amount of plastic waste, most of which comes in the form of non biodegradable plastic bags that vendors give to customers. Another reason is that last year, the authorities had implemented a similar rule, but that was not put into full swing. This time the state government is taking a more serious approach.

Apart from these two major concerns, the third and probably the most crucial one happens to be that of the rampant usage of plastics in almost every industry. Now with the government's new rule, they'll have to switch to more nature friendly plastics so as to remain eco-friendly.

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According to the new rule that bans plastic, any vendor found giving items in non recyclable plastic bags is liable to have their license revoked or to pay a hefty fine. The authorities have stated that this should dissuade them from using harmful plastics.

Additionally, the state government is also monitoring all major vendors across U.P to keep a check on them and to ensure that they do not use the harmful plastic. With this in mind, they aim to strike fear in the hearts of the wrongdoers.

At any rate, we're glad that the state government is implementing this move with full force. This is a great initiative that will push the concept of a cleaner, much better Lucknow.

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