In a major reform to curb crime rate, Lucknow to now have a police commissioner

The Uttar Pradesh Government has approved a new commissionerate system of policing. The reform mainly states that Lucknow city will now have a Police Commissioner, and will follow the commissionerate system of policing.

In a press conference on Monday, the UP Govt announced a slew of new police reforms. The reforms changes some of the central workings of the police force in Lucknow and Noida.

What's the update?

The new police commissionerate system of policing in Lucknow is a progressive step towards curbing the continually rising rate of crime in Lucknow. With ever growing reports of theft, robberies, chain snatchings and whatnot, this is a much needed move.

The commissionerate system of policing essentially allows police stations in Lucknow to come under a dedicated Police Commissioner. This will give each police more power to act on issues that are reported by the public. Essentially, the commissionerate system will surely bring about a powerful and significant change in peace and control operations in Lucknow.

This police commissionerate system will first be fully implemented in all police stations across Lucknow and Noida. As of now 40 police stations within Lucknow will come under a Police Commissioner.

How does this change things?

The police commissionerate system, when implemented, will leave the district magistrates with only revenue related work and all decisions regarding law and order will be taken by the police commissioner. The top civil administrative officials, for this reason, have been opposing the commissionerate system.

Essentially, this is a move that aims to strengthen the force of the police and make it a better pillar of democracy as a whole. Following this, we can expect a dip in crimes of all kinds.

Knock Knock

Following the series of unrest in Noida and Lucknow, the administration has gone ahead and made a significant change in the cogs and gears of each and every police department. It is only a matter of time that we see such a system in place in more cities as well.

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