In an attempt to break language barrier, UP 112 will now respond in regional dialects

In an attempt to break language barrier, UP 112 will now respond in regional dialects

Emergency Helpline Number 112 in Uttar Pradesh will now respond to callers in Bhojpuri, Braj, Awadhi and Bundeli dialects.

We all find it much easier to communicate our primary problems in a language that is closer to our identities and expressions than to words and syntax. Thus, in an all-new initiative of the UP 112, the Uttar Pradesh emergency helpline number prepares to respond to its callers in their local dialects.

Dialect friendly Helpline - UP 112

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UP 112 receives around 15,000 to 17,000 calls in a day, and considering that majority of these calls respond to people who speak in regional dialects, the Uttar Pradesh Additional Director General (ADG)-112 said, that the employed staff would be trained in various dialects. Developing these conversational skills, the UP 112 team will become better equipped to converse with people from rural areas with ease. "This is our culture and values which should reverberate from villages to cites. The Centre and the state government are making consistent efforts to ensure women security and honour, but the real success will be achieved by cooperation and awareness among women," he said.

Developing and training the response team of the UP 112 helpline number to converse in four major local dialects of Bhojpuri, Braj, Awadhi and Bundeli will promote culture and the feeling of belongingness in people. The move is a significant one and justifies the slogan 'gaanv ki beti, sabki beti' too.

Knock Knock

Since the helpline number deals with emergency problems, conversations in local dialect will break barriers among the people and the helpline officers- facilitating better help and guidance. This move further eases communication with the female population, who given their homely environment are not able to grasp on to formal language and communication skills.

-With inputs from IANS

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