In need of a thrilling weekend escape? Visit Blueworld Park near Kanpur ASAP!

In need of a thrilling weekend escape? Visit Blueworld Park near Kanpur ASAP!

Nestled on the Mandhana-Bithoor road, this lively water park is a stone's throw away from Kanpur city centre and even Lucknow!

Feeling the burn of summer's withering heat? It's enough to make anyone hot under the collar, especially when it's ruining your weekend plans. It can be a real challenge to find a cool spot to hang out when the mercury rises and even a trip to the air-conditioned malls and movie theatres can leave your wallet feeling the heat!

But don't fret, because we've got just the ticket to help you beat the heat and chill out in style. All you need is a quick trip to the Blueworld Park (well, who doesn't know about this little slice of heaven by now?) and you're gonna be as cool as a cucumber in no time!

Experience the summer thrill: Countless fun-filled activities await at Blueworld

As the summer season starts to take hold of our cities, Blueworld becomes the perfect place to kick back and relax, without having to trek far from Lucknow or Kanpur.

Blueworld is a magnificent marvel, spanning over a staggering 25 acres and boasting an array of attractions that are unlike any other. With numerous swimming pools, thrilling water slides, captivating musical fountains and daring adventure rides, the park is so impressive that it's in a league of its own!

A perfect place for family outings and gatherings

From the younglings to the wise, this place is truly a wonderland for all ages. It's not just a favourite among the youngsters willing to unwind with their peers, but also a hotspot for family picnics and gatherings, especially among the folks residing in Lucknow, Kanpur and other nearby cities.

With its themed wonderland parks and a fascinating backdrop of city outskirts, it's no surprise that this exclusive spot is widely adored by everyone. In addition to its stunning attractions, the location boasts a superb restaurant and a variety of stores that offer delectable cuisine for indulging in truly exceptional food.

Knock Knock

Nestled on the Mandhana-Bithoor road near Kanpur, this lively park is a stone's throw away from the Kanpur city centre: just 15-20 minutes by road. Meanwhile, if you're travelling from Lucknow, the park is only 90 minutes away.

So, take the plunge and make a splash without taking a chunk out of your schedule – one day off from your weekend will do the trick and bedazzle your hangout plan!

Where: Blueworld Park, Bithoor Road, Mandhana, Kanpur

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 09:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Contact: +917080110458, +919161903255 |

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