In Pics | Flower Show 2024 at Raj Bhawan enthralls visitors; last day to visit today

In Pics | Flower Show 2024 at Raj Bhawan enthralls visitors; last day to visit today

A wide range of hueful blooms & floral sculptures await you!

From the regal lavenders to the fiery reds and pinks of carnations and daisies, Lucknow's Raj Bahwan has tranformed into a canvas of vibrant flora at the ongoing Flower Show.

Raj Bhawan opened its gates to the public for this annual spectacle on February 17. And today is the last day to visit this colourful extravaganza! So if you're someone who's yet to pay a visit, get ready to be mesmerised with life-size flower sculptures, a diverse range of vegetable plants, dedicated farm stalls, rose galleries, and much more!

And here's a little visual tour for you-

A wide range of hueful blooms & floral sculptures

Walking through the Flower Show at Raj Bhawan feels like a leisurely stroll in an open-air art gallery. Here you'll find meticulously arranged displays showcasing hundreds of vibrant flower varieties.

The spotlight of this event shines on the magnificent sculptures crafted entirely from flowers. At this show art and nature have seamlessly been interwined to captivate the imagination of all!

The flower sculptures also showcase exquisitely crafted animals and logos representing city-based government organizations like LDA and UPMRC.

Agricultural exhibit featuring several vegetable species

Vegetable plants of several indigenous varieties are also on display at this exhibit. Visitors can marvel at exotic and hybrid produce, including colourful cauliflowers, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and more.

The agriculture displays also boast an extensive array of farming-related machinery and equipment, offering insights into the technological advancements driving the agricultural sector forward.

Dedicated flower galleries and stalls

Another highlight of the Flower Show is the stalls and flower galleries. Dedicated galleries have been set up here that showcase a vast variety of flowering plants. Among these, the rose gallery is a must-visit!

The agriculture stalls at the show showcase an assortment of plants and organic products, including honey, organic soil, seeds etc. Visitors can also purchase these products.

Last chance to visit today!

Today is your last chance to catch the annual Flower Show in Lucknow. Visit Raj Bhawan in Hazratganj before 5 PM to experience this floral extravaganza in all its glory.

Where: Raj Bhawan, Mahatama Gandhi Marg, Hazratganj

Timings: 11 AM to 5 PM

Entry charge: ₹10 per person

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