In pics | Shifting focus to potholes & roads in Lucknow ahead of the rainy season

In pics | Shifting focus to potholes & roads in Lucknow ahead of the rainy season

Is Lucknow monsoon ready?

With cracks, potholes and breakage due to excessive vehicular pressure and weather changes, many roads in Lucknow can be seen lying in a dilapidated state for quite some time now. Some of these roads are main roads that witness huge traffic everyday. Given that monsoon season is right around the corner, there is immediate need to fix this issue as potholes pose great danger to human lives.

A headache for the commuters and a menace for the residents, these roads need to come under the administration's notice. Here's a humble attempt to do the same!

From rural areas like Nagram Karora Nilmatha Marg to urban areas like Gomti Nagar, Vikas Nagar, Indira Nagar, Mahanagar, Aliganj and Jankipuram, among others, a major chunk of the city's road infrastructure is in shambles and these pictures are a proof of the same.

Residents and people commuting on these roads have been facing inconveniences due to these issues on an everyday basis. Apart from making the commute difficult, these cracks and potholes also become a cause of accidents.

Talking about the same, Vaibhav SInha, resident of Indira Nagar area informed, " I take the Mahanagar bandha route to travel home everyday to save traffic, but the moment I take a turn towards Amrpali market, I am greeted by a road full of cracks and potholes. The route mostly gets crowded during office hours, and commute just gets worse."

Inefficient repair equals no repair! 

Residents across various areas of Lalbagh in Lucknow witnessed the digging of pits and tunnels for the layout of waterlines on the streets, in the last two months. While the land that was dug up in the process has been restored, the inefficiencies of the construction work have surfaced now.

This is not only causing trouble for the inhabitants of the area at present but has also become a cause of concern considering the nearing of monsoon season in Lucknow. Residents fear if it rains incessantly, water will get accumulated in the pits and trenches making it dangerous for the pedestrians.

While explaining her grievance, Zahida Begum, an elderly woman from Talab Gangni Shukal said, "It is has become extremely difficult for me to walk on this crooked tiled road. My husband has hurt his foot while walking on this uneven road and the condition of the road has made it very difficult for us to carry out our basic daily chores. This needs to be taken care of at the earliest because the roads will only get worse during rains."

Upcoming monsoon, a ticking time bomb for these roads! 

Kursi Road
Kursi Road

To put it simply, the current state of roads in several areas of the Capital City raises an alarm and the concerned department should take cognisance of the entire situation. Given the upcoming rainy season, the quality of the roads is only going to get even worse, if not taken under notice immediately.

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