New mini berths in Lucknow Mail to make travel convenient for moms & their babies

New mini berths in Lucknow Mail to make travel convenient for moms & their babies

Northern Railway adds baby berths in Lucknow Mail as Mother's Day gift for women!
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In an attempt to make train travel more convinient for mothers and their babies(0-4 years), the Indian Railways has introduced two baby berths in one coach of the Lucknow Mail, on an experimental basis. As a part of this joint pilot project by the Lucknow and the Delhi Division of Northern Railways, the additional berths were installed on the berths number 12 and 60 of AC 3-Tier B4 coach of the super-fast express Lucknow Mail 12230 on the occasion of Mother's Day.

According to the tweet by the official NR Lucknow Division handle, the new mini berth is foldable from hinges which can be attached to the main berth by using a stopper.

Facilitating smoother travel! 

The foldable baby berth will not only assist mothers who are travelling but also offer a separate resting area for the babies. This will ensure a smoother journey for the mother, the babies and the other passengers as well. If this pilot project becomes successful in assisting passengers, the Railways will roll out similar berths on all the trains.

While there is no mechanism to book tickets for these special berths yet, any woman travelling with their infant can talk to the Ticket Examiner while boarding the train to exchange their seats. However, the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) has already been directed to make a special booking category for women with babies for these baby berths.

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