'India didn't have a Bugatti Royale': Lucknow student creates largest thermocol model of car

'India didn't have a Bugatti Royale': Lucknow student creates largest thermocol model of car

Shivam Singh Yadav, a post-graduate student of Lucknow's Art College, registered his creation in the India Book of Records.

Ever heard of a realistic thermocol car model of the size of a room?

A student from Lucknow College of Arts and Crafts has unlocked a unique feat by creating a room-sized vintage car model, made up entirely of thermocol.

Creating a record for engendering a 1927 Bugatti Royale model, Shivam Singh Yadav, who is pursuing Masters of Visual Arts in sculpture, registered his win in the India Book of Records. The model bagged an award for the 'largest thermocol model of vintage car made by an individual'.

Knocksense reached out to Shivam about his unique creation.

In conversation with Shivam about his dream project

Art speaks a thousand emotions — Shivam, who single-handedly created the thermocol prototype, explains the source of inspiration being his admiration for the The Bugatti Type 41 from 1927. Shivam shared that on searching for the Royale, he did not find any being in India.

Thus, the dream project of his was to create a replica of this vintage car that was the biggest hype in its time.

"Once Lucknow University received NAAC rating, I wanted to do something to glorify my institution's name further," Shivam expressed his motivation behind the project.

Shivam shared how he managed to collect funds for his project, "I received some money from my family and worked a part-time job at a mall for the remaining funds."

The model, of 20ft length, 60 ft width, and 6 ft height, took some 28 days to finish. Shivam, who created the car in his hostel room on the college campus, also credited his family and teachers for support.

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