Indulge in delicious & cost-effective veg thalis at Lucknow's Manbhavan Premium Thali Restaurant

Indulge in delicious & cost-effective veg thalis at Lucknow's Manbhavan Premium Thali Restaurant

These vegetarian thalis are a rich blend of Rajasthani, Gujarati, North Indian food with the menu changing everyday!

In search of a pure vegetarian food haven? How does a restaurant that offers a thali as a delicious assimilation of Rajasthani, Gujarati, North Indian food sound? It's not hard to spell it out — the fusion of the rich Indian cuisines results in a delicacy unavoidable!

And that's where Manbhavan Premium Thali Restaurant comes in the picture. As the restaurant completes one year in Lucknow, the grand thalis (with unlimited food) offered here have gained more and more name and fame.

'Manbhavan', as the name suggests, loosely translates to 'something that pleases the mind' and the restaurant does just that by their exemplary service and the quality of food.

The grand Thalis

The concept is simple. You arrive at the posh and classy Manbhavan restaurant located at Phoenix Palassio in Lucknow and, well, that's it. Engross in the smooth service by the efficient staff and indulge in the grand thali with vegetarian Gujarati – Marwari cuisine in an unlimited food format.

Stuck at the word 'unlimited'? That's right, here, you eat as much as you'd like and go home satisfied. But do remember, this thali is especially for you, and sharing is not allowed.

For all those who seek Jain food, Manbhavan also offers food without garlic and onions.

Oh, and, the menu changes every day. Starting from a delicious welcome drink, snacks, to main course, you have various food items to look forward to. For instance, today's food menu incorporates Jal Jeera as the welcome drink, Paneer Makhniya, Bhindi Sambhariya, Aloo Pattal Bhaji, and Rajma Masala as the sabzis, Fulka roti, Makai Rotla, Cabbage Thepla in breads, steam rice, masala rice, Moongdal Khichdi, Rajasthani Dal, Rajasthani Kadhi, and Gujarati Kadhi, as your pulses. Desserts include Fruit Custard and Dry Fruit Halwa. With this, Dal Bati Churma is the restaurant's signature culinary masterpiece.

These thalis with a wide variety of abundant food are also available at a very nominal price. One grand thali costs ₹550, with thali for children (up to 9 years) costing merely ₹270.

Head to Manbhavan for perfect hospitality

Along with the decadent yet pocket-friendly thalis, the restaurant serves food packages or parcels, too, with special meal boxes, office boxes, mini meals, and snack boxes. Coming in air-tight containers, these parcels of happiness and deliciousness can be ordered via Zomato and Swiggy.

Moreover, the space is also available for booking. So, if you're looking to host a get together, look no further. The restaurant has a capacity of 90 guests and the hospitality here will only make the affair all the more incredible and memorable!

Manbhavan also proffers catering services. Reach out to 8858627069 or 7987621458 to know more.

Address: 3rd floor, Phoenix Palassio mall, Amar Shaheed Path, Lucknow

Timings: 12 PM - 11 PM

For reservation, contact 088586 27067 or check out /

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