'Rising Beyond the Ceiling' launches free mentorship programme on International Women's Day in UP

'Rising Beyond the Ceiling' launches free mentorship programme on International Women's Day in UP

Here's all you need to know about this programme:

They say empowered women empower women and the 'Rising Beyond the Ceiling' (RBTC) in Uttar Pradesh is here to prove this yet again! This International Women's Day, RBTC has launched its free mentorship programme for young girls hailing from socially marginalised sections of society. Under this novel initiative, women professionals in the state will mentor, guide and educate girls on professional, educational, emotional, and financial matters, at zero cost. Read on to know more about this unique programme!

When women support women, incredible things happen!

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The Lucknow-based Rising Beyond the Ceiling organisation has taken another huge step towards empowering women and breaking gender norms. On the occasion of International Women's Day on March 8, the RBTC Team has opened its mentorship programme to all, beyond the boundaries of religion, for free.

"Regardless of religion, any girl with the aspiration to work in any field can get in touch with the organisation to seek whatever help is required. The mentorship is free of cost, and we have started inviting submissions for it apart from the current mentees being guided already," said Sabiha Ahmad, RBTC Uttar Pradesh coordinator and UP Sunni Waqf Board member.

The RBTC advocates that a woman is more than just her gender-tied identity. A woman can achieve anything she desires if she finds the right opportunity. And this is now enabled by RBTC which is "Bringing women from different areas of work, such as the women in uniform, in academics, arts, journalism and others, for mentoring help in building self-confidence in young girls and gives wings to their aspirations," she said.

The step opens up the expert council of the RBTC for all, presenting an incredible opportunity for girls from socially weaker sections. Young women in UP will now be mentored directly under 100 spectacular female figures in the state, added reports. Notably, RBTC is present in about 8 regions across India, besides Lucknow, and has a board of 100 Muslim women honourees. It is also relevant at the international level.

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